Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 183550Details of grave number 183550 at St Nicholas Dilham for Harold Herbert Harvey

Harold Herbert Harvey grave monument in St Nicholas burial ground, Dilham, Norfolk, England

Harold Herbert Harvey grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Harold Herbert Harvey

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(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 183550)

The following thumbnail images are the 10 taken before and 10 after the one for Harold Herbert Harvey was taken.

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image: DSCF4770
grave: 183540
Frances Thurston
image number DSCF4770
image: DSCF4771
grave: 183541
James Arthur Dugdale
image number DSCF4771
image: DSCF4772
grave: 183542
Albert John Dewing
image number DSCF4772
image: DSCF4773
grave: 183543
Mabel Nora Colman
image number DSCF4773
image: DSCF4774
grave: 183544
Joseph William Colman
image number DSCF4774
image: DSCF4775
grave: 183545
William Ernest Payne
image number DSCF4775
image: DSCF4776
grave: 183546
Arthur Thonmas Nickson
image number DSCF4776
image: DSCF4777
grave: 183547
Ivy Powley
image number DSCF4777
image: DSCF4778
grave: 183548
Russell Victor Pardon
image number DSCF4778
image: DSCF4779
grave: 183549
Mark Adrian Fisher
image number DSCF4779
image: DSCF4780
grave: 183550
Harold Herbert Harvey
image number DSCF4780
image: DSCF4781
grave: 183551
Veronica Costin
image number DSCF4781
image: DSCF4782
grave: 183552
Ernest James Fisher
image number DSCF4782
image: DSCF4783
grave: 183553
George Douglas Daniels
image number DSCF4783
image: DSCF4784
grave: 183554
Arthur Thomas Daniels
image number DSCF4784
image: DSCF4785
grave: 183555
Beatrice Evelina Daniels
image number DSCF4785
image: DSCF4786
grave: 183556
Emmeline Daniels
image number DSCF4786
image: DSCF4787
grave: 183557
Arthur Read
image number DSCF4787
image: DSCF4788
grave: 183558
Patrick Heley
image number DSCF4788
image: DSCF4789
grave: 183559
Ivan James Fisher
image number DSCF4789
image: DSCF4790
grave: 183560
Irene Westgate
image number DSCF4790

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