Martha E Barrow grave monument in St Mary , Snettisham, Norfolk, England

Martha E Barrow grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Martha E Barrow
1933721861first name on monument
Peter Barrow
1945 relationship not given of Martha E Barrow
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Martha E Barrow grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 180869)

The following thumbnail images are the 10 taken before and 10 after the one for Martha E Barrow was taken.

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image: DSCF3072
grave: 180859
Evelyn Olive Elizabeth Sursham
image number DSCF3072
image: DSCF3073
grave: 180860
Henry John Bateley
image number DSCF3073
image: DSCF3074
grave: 180861
Derek Malcolm Hunt
image number DSCF3074
image: DSCF3078
grave: 180862
Edward Peter Strickland
image number DSCF3078
image: DSCF3079
grave: 180863
Barbara Strickland
image number DSCF3079
image: DSCF3080
grave: 180864
Margaret Edith Strickland
image number DSCF3080
image: DSCF3081
grave: 180865
Malcolm Stockbridge
image number DSCF3081
image: DSCF3082
grave: 180866
Jane Taylor
image number DSCF3082
image: DSCF3083
grave: 180867
Elizabeth Buffham
image number DSCF3083
image: DSCF3084
grave: 180868
Florence Mary Daw
image number DSCF3084
image: DSCF3085
grave: 180869
Martha E Barrow
image number DSCF3085
image: DSCF3086
grave: 180870
John Robert Cock
image number DSCF3086
image: DSCF3087
grave: 180871
Percy W Loose
image number DSCF3087
image: DSCF3088
grave: 180872
Isabella Theodora Filby
image number DSCF3088
image: DSCF3089
grave: 180873
Elizabeth Adelaide Kendle
image number DSCF3089
image: DSCF3090
grave: 180874
William Pull
image number DSCF3090
image: DSCF3091
grave: 180875
Philip Storey
image number DSCF3091
image: DSCF3092
grave: 180876
John Storey
image number DSCF3092
image: DSCF3093
grave: 180877
Leonard William Lord
image number DSCF3093
image: DSCF3094
grave: 180878
Alfred Thomas Potlet
image number DSCF3094
image: DSCF3096
grave: 180879
Alfred Pooley
image number DSCF3096

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