Albert Edward Howson grave monument in St Mary burial ground, Snettisham, Norfolk, England

Albert Edward Howson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Albert Edward Howson
Alice May Howson
1996841912wife of Albert Edward Howson
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Albert Edward Howson grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 180771)

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image: DSCF2966
grave: 180761
Lydia Ann Bowman
image number DSCF2966
image: DSCF2967
grave: 180762
William John Filby
image number DSCF2967
image: DSCF2969
grave: 180763
Ernest William Howman
image number DSCF2969
image: DSCF2971
grave: 180764
William Albert Kinchen
image number DSCF2971
image: DSCF2972
grave: 180765
Geoffrey Albert Howson
image number DSCF2972
image: DSCF2973
grave: 180766
George R J Sadler
image number DSCF2973
image: DSCF2974
grave: 180767
Blanche Hunter
image number DSCF2974
image: DSCF2975
grave: 180768
Kenneth Cyril Bowman
image number DSCF2975
image: DSCF2977
grave: 180769
Flora Harding
image number DSCF2977
image: DSCF2978
grave: 180770
Robert William Harding
image number DSCF2978
image: DSCF2979
grave: 180771
Albert Edward Howson
image number DSCF2979
image: DSCF2980
grave: 180772
Herbert Todd
image number DSCF2980
image: DSCF2981
grave: 180773
Fred Kersey
image number DSCF2981
image: DSCF2982
grave: 180774
Ann Futter
image number DSCF2982
image: DSCF2983
grave: 180775
Robert Webb
image number DSCF2983
image: DSCF2984
grave: 180776
Francis Joseph Kavanagh
image number DSCF2984
image: DSCF2985
grave: 180777
Susie Irene Elizabeth Sutton
image number DSCF2985
image: DSCF2986
grave: 180778
Martina Sarah Winstanley
image number DSCF2986
image: DSCF2987
grave: 180779
Norah May Chamberlain
image number DSCF2987
image: DSCF2988
grave: 180780
Phoebe Platt
image number DSCF2988
image: DSCF2989
grave: 180781
Violet Evelyn Cremer
image number DSCF2989

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