Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 175571Details of grave number 175571 at Greyfriars Convenanters Prison Edinburgh for Harry Guthrie

Harry Guthrie grave monument in Greyfriars Convenanters Prison private cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

Harry Guthrie grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Harry Guthrie
Anna Guthrie
daughter of Harry Guthrie
Alexander Guthrie
11 son of Harry Guthrie
William Guthrie
son of Harry Guthrie
Rachel Guthrie
wife of Harry Guthrie

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image: P1090601
grave: 175561
William Scott-Moncrieff
image number P1090601
image: P1090602
grave: 175562
Mary Erskine
image number P1090602
image: P1090608
grave: 175563
James Graham
image number P1090608
image: P1090610
grave: 175564
Henrietta Graham
image number P1090610
image: P1090612
grave: 175565
William Ker
image number P1090612
image: P1090616
grave: 175566
James Rutherford
image number P1090616
image: P1090618
grave: 175567
John Pitcairn
image number P1090618
image: P1090621
grave: 175568
George Innes
image number P1090621
image: P1090624
grave: 175569
William Gray
image number P1090624
image: P1090627
grave: 175570
James McLurg
image number P1090627
image: P1090632
grave: 175571
Harry Guthrie
image number P1090632
image: P1090633
grave: 175572
Eulhan Guthrie
image number P1090633
image: P1090634
grave: 175573
Alexander Halkerston
image number P1090634
image: 0
grave: 175574
Hugh Cunningham
image number 0

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