Ellen E A Allanson grave monument in Municipal Section C3 cemetery, Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire, England

Ellen E A Allanson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ellen E A Allanson
Erasmus Allanson
1968791889husband of Ellen E A Allanson
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image: 0003
grave: 174572
Elsie Atkinson
image number 0003
image: 0004
grave: 174573
Wilfred Pullan Atkinson
image number 0004
image: 0005
grave: 174574
Wilfred Edgar Foxton
image number 0005
image: 0006
grave: 174575
Grace Dinsdale
image number 0006
image: 0007
grave: 174576
Benson Eglin
image number 0007
image: 0008
grave: 174577
Sidney H Clay
image number 0008
image: 0009
grave: 174578
Ellis Woodrup
image number 0009
image: 0010
grave: 174579
Mary Hannah Atkinson
image number 0010
image: 0011
grave: 174580
Harrison Little
image number 0011
image: 0012
grave: 174581
Sydney Vincent Norfolk
image number 0012
image: 0013
grave: 174582
Ellen E A Allanson
image number 0013
image: 0014
grave: 174583
Louisa Elliott
image number 0014
image: 0015
grave: 174584
Lizzie Moore
image number 0015
image: 0016
grave: 174585
Robert Pinkerton
image number 0016
image: 0017
grave: 174586
Alice W M Atkinson
image number 0017
image: 0018
grave: 174587
Frank Imeson
image number 0018
image: 0019
grave: 174588
John William Robinson
image number 0019
image: 0020
grave: 174589
Lason Lee Wardman
image number 0020
image: 0021
grave: 174590
Florence Storey
image number 0021
image: 0022
grave: 174591
Mary Daniel
image number 0022
image: 0023
grave: 174592
Helen E Swindells
image number 0023

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