John Marrison grave monument in St Edmund burial ground, Castleton, Derbyshire, England

John Marrison grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Marrison
Margaret Marrison
1835281807wife of John Marrison
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image: 6821
grave: 16150
James Hall
image number 6821
image: 6822
grave: 16151
John Hall
image number 6822
image: 6824
grave: 16152
Mary How Haslewood
image number 6824
image: 6825
grave: 16153
Albert Octavius Haslewood
image number 6825
image: 6826
grave: 16154
Mary Ashiton
image number 6826
image: 6827
grave: 16155
Frances Hall
image number 6827
image: 6828
grave: 16156
Godfrey Hall
image number 6828
image: 6829
grave: 16157
Robert How
image number 6829
image: 6831
grave: 16158
William Marrison
image number 6831
image: 6832
grave: 16159
Isaac Marrison
image number 6832
image: 6833
grave: 16160
John Marrison
image number 6833
image: 6833
grave: 16161
Barbara Marrison
image number 6833
image: 6834
grave: 16162
Isaac Marrison
image number 6834
image: 6835
grave: 16163
Archelaus Ollerenshaw
image number 6835
image: 6836
grave: 16164
Ann Ollerenshaw
image number 6836
image: 6837
grave: 16165
Hannah Hall Wright
image number 6837
image: 6838
grave: 16166
John Hall
image number 6838
image: 6839
grave: 16167
John Hall
image number 6839
image: 6840
grave: 16168
Mary Eyre
image number 6840
image: 6841
grave: 16169
Ellias Hall
image number 6841
image: 6842
grave: 16170
John Hall
image number 6842

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