John Stratten Batchelor grave monument in Lawnswood A-D cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

John Stratten Batchelor grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Stratten Batchelor
Edith Emmett Batchelor
1930641866daughter of John Stratten Batchelor
Mary Batchelor
1898661832wife of John Stratten Batchelor
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image: 3010940
grave: 156452
John North
image number 3010940
image: 3010941
grave: 156453
Arthur Smallwood
image number 3010941
image: 3010942
grave: 156454
Ann Dickinson
image number 3010942
image: 3010943
grave: 156455
Harry Ogden
image number 3010943
image: 3010945
grave: 156456
Alice Mathers
image number 3010945
image: 3010948
grave: 156457
William Wallis
image number 3010948
image: 3010949
grave: 156458
John Barran
image number 3010949
image: 3010955
grave: 156459
George Augustus Prince
image number 3010955
image: 3010956
grave: 156460
John Edward Platts
image number 3010956
image: 3010958
grave: 156461
Mary Butler
image number 3010958
image: 3010959
grave: 156462
John Stratten Batchelor
image number 3010959
image: 3010960
grave: 156463
Joseph Platts
image number 3010960
image: 3010964
grave: 156464
Jane Armitage
image number 3010964
image: 3010965
grave: 156465
Eli Bogg
image number 3010965
image: 3010966
grave: 156466
Robert Dewsbury
image number 3010966
image: 3010967
grave: 156467
Hannah Naylor
image number 3010967
image: 3010968
grave: 156468
Mary Ann Cook
image number 3010968
image: 3010969
grave: 156469
William Frederick Howell
image number 3010969
image: 3010971
grave: 156470
Alfred Hepworth
image number 3010971
image: 3010973
grave: 156471
John Dewhurst
image number 3010973
image: 3010975
grave: 156472
Frederick Kaberry
image number 3010975

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