Mary Pestell grave monument in All Saints , Lessingham, Norfolk, England

Mary Pestell grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Pestell nee Balls
1823371786first name on monument
John Balls
father of Mary Pestell
Frances Balls
mother of Mary Pestell
John Balls
1832421790relationship not given of Mary PestellSon of John and Frances Balls
Peter Pestell
wife of Mary Pestell
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image: DSCF3368
grave: 153353
William Littlewood
image number DSCF3368
image: DSCF3370
grave: 153354
Marssey Harris
image number DSCF3370
image: DSCF3372
grave: 153355
Richard Sweeting
image number DSCF3372
image: DSCF3373
grave: 153356
Lydia Sweeting
image number DSCF3373
image: DSCF3375
grave: 153357
Thomas Clements
image number DSCF3375
image: DSCF3376
grave: 153358
F J Cutting
image number DSCF3376
image: DSCF3383
grave: 153359
Joseph Read
image number DSCF3383
image: DSCF3384
grave: 153360
Elizabeth Read
image number DSCF3384
image: DSCF3387
grave: 153361
John Silcock
image number DSCF3387
image: DSCF3389
grave: 153362
John Balls
image number DSCF3389
image: DSCF3391
grave: 153363
Mary Pestell
image number DSCF3391
image: DSCF3392
grave: 153364
Elizabeth Hewitt
image number DSCF3392
image: DSCF3393
grave: 153365
Mary Sims
image number DSCF3393
image: DSCF3395
grave: 153366
John Sims
image number DSCF3395
image: DSCF3396
grave: 153367
Sarah Smith
image number DSCF3396
image: DSCF3398
grave: 153368
Daniel Hunter
image number DSCF3398
image: DSCF3400
grave: 153369
Robert Frarey
image number DSCF3400
image: DSCF3401
grave: 153370
Elizabeth Frarey
image number DSCF3401
image: DSCF3402
grave: 153371
John Frarey
image number DSCF3402
image: DSCF3403
grave: 153372
John Frarey
image number DSCF3403
image: DSCF3404
grave: 153373
James Cubitt
image number DSCF3404

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