William Clutten grave monument in St John the Baptist , Reedham, Norfolk, England

William Clutten grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Clutten
1973801893first name on monument
Marjorie Alice Mary Clutten
1981 wife of William Clutten
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image: 733
grave: 127158
Frederick Edward Bidwell
image number 733
image: 734
grave: 127159
Blanche Eliza Mace
image number 734
image: 736
grave: 127160
Catherine Stonestreet
image number 736
image: 737
grave: 127161
Maude Ellen Wilson
image number 737
image: 738
grave: 127162
Isabella Symonds
image number 738
image: 739
grave: 127163
Alfred Harry Sparkes
image number 739
image: 741
grave: 127164
Edith Kate Smith
image number 741
image: 742
grave: 127165
Jonathan Sidney William Edwards
image number 742
image: 743
grave: 127166
Charles E G Mace
image number 743
image: 744
grave: 127167
William George Benjamin Hewitt
image number 744
image: 745
grave: 127168
William Clutten
image number 745
image: 746
grave: 127169
Herbert Frederick Wilson
image number 746
image: 747
grave: 127170
Mabel Flegg
image number 747
image: 749
grave: 127171
Neville Charles Browne
image number 749
image: 750
grave: 127172
Ralph Travah Havart
image number 750
image: 752
grave: 127173
Arthur George Denny
image number 752
image: 753
grave: 127174
Edith Wilhelmina Collins
image number 753
image: 754
grave: 127175
Hilda May Ames
image number 754
image: 757
grave: 127176
Lionel Charles Plummer
image number 757
image: 758
grave: 127177
Richard Percy Higginson
image number 758
image: 759
grave: 127178
Christopher H Norris
image number 759

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