Michael Henry Saward grave monument in St John the Evangelist burial ground, Dormansland, Surrey, England

Michael Henry Saward grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Major General Michael Henry Saward
Katherine Isabella Saward
1919641855relationship not given of Michael Henry Saward
Dorothy Saward
1971901881relationship not given of Michael Henry Saward
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Michael Henry Saward grave location

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image: 1978
grave: 124987
Nellie Wells
image number 1978
image: 1979
grave: 124988
Lucy Mary Ellen Langley
image number 1979
image: 1980
grave: 124989
Margery Carol Peggy Hodson
image number 1980
image: 1981
grave: 124990
William Pepper
image number 1981
image: 1983
grave: 124991
Charles H Woodward
image number 1983
image: 1984
grave: 124992
Elizabeth Wells
image number 1984
image: 1985
grave: 124993
Jesse Jazeb Wells
image number 1985
image: 1986
grave: 124994
Lucy Ellen Brooker
image number 1986
image: 1987
grave: 124995
Helen Violet Leith Tomkins
image number 1987
image: 1988
grave: 124996
image number 1988
image: 1989
grave: 124997
Michael Henry Saward
image number 1989
image: 1991
grave: 124998
Arthur Claude Wilkinson
image number 1991
image: 1992
grave: 124999
Henry Card
image number 1992
image: 1993a
grave: 125000
Margaret Masson Kettlewell
image number 1993a
image: 1993b
grave: 125001
Mary Sutherland
image number 1993b
image: 1995
grave: 125002
George Adam Curle
image number 1995
image: 1996
grave: 125003
Annie Maria Neal
image number 1996
image: 1997
grave: 125004
Charles Smeed
image number 1997
image: 1998
grave: 125005
image number 1998
image: 1999
grave: 125006
Caroline Glover
image number 1999
image: 2000
grave: 125007
Emily Leigh
image number 2000

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