Jack Courtney Nichols-Marcy grave monument in Randalls Park Municipal cemetery, Leatherhead, Surrey, England

Jack Courtney Nichols-Marcy grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Jack Courtney Nichols-Marcy
Kathleen Elizabeth Nichols-Marcy
1992851907wife of Jack Courtney Nichols-Marcy
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image: 252
grave: 102535
John Joseph Collins
image number 252
image: 253
grave: 102536
Maureen Teresa Botting
image number 253
image: 254
grave: 102537
Bridie Glynn
image number 254
image: 255
grave: 102538
Antony Da Silva
image number 255
image: 256
grave: 102539
Denis William Cooper
image number 256
image: 257
grave: 102540
Mary Walker
image number 257
image: 258
grave: 102541
Alida Marin Capron
image number 258
image: 259
grave: 102542
Harold Thackray
image number 259
image: 261
grave: 102543
L Gleed
image number 261
image: 262
grave: 102544
Lily Mary Pescatore Lowndes
image number 262
image: 263
grave: 102545
Jack Courtney Nichols-Marcy
image number 263
image: 264
grave: 102546
Margaret Elilzabeth Hellyar
image number 264
image: 265
grave: 102547
Regina Selim Habib
image number 265
image: 266
grave: 102548
Margaret Frew
image number 266
image: 267
grave: 102549
Robert Smith
image number 267
image: 268
grave: 102550
Joan White
image number 268
image: 269
grave: 102551
Anne Eileen Weir
image number 269
image: 270
grave: 102552
Alfred Bogaerts
image number 270
image: 271
grave: 102553
Grace Winifred Lily Collins
image number 271
image: 272
grave: 102554
Eugene Henri Menjou
image number 272
image: 273
grave: 102555
Alfred Gaston Marie Hall
image number 273

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