Eliza Cerfberr grave monument in Montparnasse Private Cemetery, Paris, Paris, France

Eliza Cerfberr grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Eliza Cerfberr nee Ratisbonne
1853451808first name on monument
Maxime Levylier nee Cerfberr
1870331837relationship not given of Eliza Cerfberr
Colonel Max Théodore Cerfberr Commander Légion d'H
1874821792relationship not given of Eliza CerfberrMax joined the French army under Napoléon and was appointed an officer without atteding a military academy. He continued to rise through the ranks; and in 1839 was appointed to the staff of the minister of war. From 1842-1848 he was member of the French Parliament for Wissembourg in Alsace. He later became President of the central consistory for France.
Oulry Charles Auguste Levylier Officer Légion d'Hon
1885611824relationship not given of Eliza CerfberrTreasury director for Northern France.
2nd Lt Paul Max Auguste Levylier Chevalier Légion d'H
1915251890relationship not given of Eliza CerfberrStudent arhcitect; killed in action leading his platoon of the 25th Dragoon Guards (cavalry); 6th October 1915 in the Champagne region. According to the inscription; his last words were; Tell my father I died for France.
Alfred Roger Levylier
1928701857relationship not given of Eliza CerfberrCavalry officer (chef d'escadron); born in Colmar in Alsace

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Je recherche pour mon arbre la date de naissance de JACQUELINE LEVYLIER épouse BRUNO ( mariés en 1922) peut-être à ce jour divorcés où DCD roger levylier était le frère de ma grand-mère PATERNELLE. Paul était le fils aîné de Roger FANNY Elizabeth, Odette & Jacqueline étaient ses filles les 3 aînées étant DCD en 1944; MERCI par avance de
(requested on 26 02 2014)
Eliza is the sister of my direct ancestor: Jacques Adolphe Ratisbonne; I had read that she had been buried in the jewish cemetery of Koenigshofen. The rest of the names who appear on your photo I have on my tree. I shall be very grateful to have a photo on which I can read those names.
(requested on 04 07 2015)
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Location of the above Eliza Cerfberr monument

Montparnasse Private Cemetery, Paris, Paris, France

Montparnasse Private Cemetery, Paris
Montparnasse Private Cemetery

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