David Nicholls Clibbett grave monument in Old Town Municipal Cemetery, Bideford, Devon, England

David Nicholls Clibbett grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
David Nicholls Clibbett
1872421830first name on monument
Sarah Ann Clibbett
1885281857daughter of David Nicholls Clibbett
Amelia Clibbett
1906331873daughter of David Nicholls Clibbett
Laura Eliza Clibbett
1914531861daughter of David Nicholls Clibbett
Priscilla Clibbett
1905731832wife of David Nicholls Clibbett

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Location of the above David Nicholls Clibbett monument

Old Town Municipal Cemetery, Bideford, Devon, England

Old Town Municipal Cemetery, Bideford
Old Town Municipal Cemetery

Notes about Old Town Municipal Cemetery

Steetmap link - http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=245000&Y=126429&A=Y&Z=106 This is a closed churchyard opened in 1842 and has recently been cleared as it was very overgrown and vandalised. I took these photos in October 2010 and marked it as 90% complete, as several headstones were still too overgrown to take and some to damaged or old to read. Many thanks Stuart.

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