Wales Cemetery List

Below are the Wales churchyard and cemetary sites or monuments that have been fully or partially indexed.

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Benllech BayBeach7100Charles SaleCharles Sale17 May 2016
LlanfairpgWar Memorial45450Rosemary SlaterRosemary Slater31 May 2015


CarmarthenSt David54137410% completeSteve LockwoodSteve Lockwood22 October 2015
YstradffinSt Paulinas Chapel641551Martin SouthwoodMartin Southwood22 April 2018


LlangoedmorSt Cynllo1944097Martin SouthwoodMartin Southwood18 November 2017


Betws-y-coedSt Michael17141227Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood10 August 2014
Cefn NannauCM Old Chapel802011Eirian EvansEirian Evans01 February 2018
LlandudnoWar Memorial3293293Rosemary SlaterRosemary Slater31 May 2015
MaerdySt Catherine7213927believed to be complete except inside churchPeter WhitfieldPeter Whitfield08 July 2012
MochdreLlangwstenin (section 1)972420Owen DavidsonOwen Davidson01 July 2017
Llangwstenin (section 2)1112753Owen DavidsonOwen Davidson01 July 2017
Llangwstenin (section 3)1563490Owen DavidsonOwen Davidson01 July 2017
Llangwstenin (section 4)1192351Owen DavidsonOwen Davidson01 July 2017
St Cystennin3519864Owen DavidsonOwen Davidson01 July 2017
PenmachnoArwelfa2074159Eirian EvansEirian Evans30 October 2016
Salem433124317Eirian EvansEirian Evans30 October 2016


CarrogSt Ffraid16420Barbara HayhurstBarbara Hayhurst02 July 2017
CerrigydrudionJerusalem11290Eirian EvansEirian Evans05 February 2018
DenbighMunicipal (section 1)12200Eirian EvansEirian Evans04 March 2017
Municipal (section 2)330Eirian EvansEirian Evans14 March 2017
Municipal (section 3)461171Eirian EvansEirian Evans04 March 2017
Municipal (section 4)821824Eirian EvansEirian Evans04 March 2017
Municipal (section 5)2075042Eirian EvansEirian Evans04 March 2017
Municipal (section 6)3587028Eirian EvansEirian Evans04 March 2017
Municipal (section 7)1192165Eirian EvansEirian Evans14 March 2017
Municipal (section 8)641010Eirian EvansEirian Evans14 March 2017
Municipal (section 9)1792513Eirian EvansEirian Evans16 March 2017
DerwenSt Mary1363481Eirian EvansEirian Evans06 May 2017
St Mary (interior)6130Eirian EvansEirian Evans06 May 2017
EfenechtydSt Michael and All Angels982442Eirian EvansEirian Evans05 February 2018
Llanbedr Dyffryn ClwydSt Peter (old)922521Eirian EvansEirian Evans09 April 2017
Llanfair Dyffryn ClwydCapel Salem28957314Eirian EvansEirian Evans05 March 2017
St Cynfarch and St Mary2405447Eirian EvansEirian Evans15 March 2017
LlanfwrogSt Mwrog and St Mary40090312Eirian EvansEirian Evans05 March 2017
LlangollenSt Collen29347681believed to be completePeter WhitfieldPeter Whitfield08 July 2012
LlangwmCapel y Groes721702Eirian EvansEirian Evans01 February 2018
LlanrhyddSt Meugan extension1754468Eirian EvansEirian Evans04 December 2016
Pandyr CapelBaptist Chapel1152981Eirian EvansEirian Evans31 October 2016
PrionSt James1302968Eirian EvansEirian Evans12 April 2017
PwllglasCapel y Rhiw30978717Eirian EvansEirian Evans09 April 2017
RuthinLlanrhydd28951113Eirian EvansEirian Evans13 November 2016
Old Baptist Chapel1253385Eirian EvansEirian Evans17 November 2016
St Mary and St Mwrog1453881Eirian EvansEirian Evans09 March 2017
St Meugan1734452Eirian EvansEirian Evans21 February 2017
St Peter2395422Eirian EvansEirian Evans08 November 2016


HawardenSt Deiniol79221101unknown
St Deiniol388900125Peter WhitfieldPeter Whitfield19 July 2012


Capel LlanillternSt Elteyrn6217617David WebbDavid Webb28 July 2012
EwennyEwenny Priory257911inside church onlyunknownBob Willis29 November 2013
Michaelston super ElySt Michael5513411David WebbDavid Webb29 January 2013
Newton NottageSt John the Baptist (part 1)464145551Phil MustoePhil Mustoe18 November 2014
St Brides super ElySt Bride7016527David WebbDavid Webb29 January 2013


BethesdaChrist Church8824415Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood07 August 2014
Clynnog FawrSt Beuno150Rosemary SlaterRosemary Slater30 May 2012
HarlechSt Tanwg642001150% completeBob WillisBob Willis30 May 2014


GwyddelwernSt Beuno47912Eirian EvansEirian Evans03 February 2018
Melin-y-WigCapel Cynfal972011Eirian EvansEirian Evans28 April 2017


AbergavennySt Marys Priory5312812inside church onlySteve LockwoodSteve Lockwood22 October 2015
BishtonSt Cadwaladr8416745unknownMichelle Roberts
Danygraig RiscsEcumenical Partnership6121unknown
GoldcliffSt Mary Magdalene12254unknown
St Mary Magdalene12430258unknown
Kemeys InferiorAll Saints183313unknown
LlandevaudSt Peter36unknown
LlanwernSt Mary12124033unknown
MarshfieldSt Mary13319unknown
MonmouthSt Mary349351unknown
St Marys Priory411124Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood22 October 2015
NashSt Mary the Virgin8156unknown
PenhowSt Mary494unknown
UndySt Mary266313unknown
WhitsonSt Mary265916unknown


SkewenCoedffranc batch 2431248Julie PenhalaganJulie Penhalagan30 September 2012
Coedffranc Section J17548253Julie PenhalaganJulie Penhalagan30 September 2012
Coedffranc Section M11027939Julie PenhalaganJulie Penhalagan30 September 2012


AmrothEbenezer Chapel327722Val EastVal East23 August 2015
BosherstonSt Michael and All Angels15023527believed to be completeDavid Wookey10 August 2013
CarewSt Mary2862610% completeDavid Wookey10 August 2013
CilrhedynLlanychwllydog15301Martin SouthwoodMartin Southwood22 October 2017
Cold InnBaptist Church10180oddments (less than ten)David Wookey10 August 2013
CrundaleUnited Reform1332821Vicky JonesVicky Jones22 January 2017
War Memorial990Vicky JonesVicky Jones15 January 2017
Cwm GwaunJabez Baptist Chapel2475421Martin SouthwoodMartin Southwood10 November 2017
Cwm-yr-EglwysSt Brynach the Abbot28620Martin SouthwoodMartin Southwood17 October 2017
East WilliamstonSt Elidyr651005believed to be complete except inside churchDavid Wookey10 August 2013
Haroldstone WestSt Madoc of Ferns49830Martin SouthwoodMartin Southwood13 October 2017
HaverfordwestPrendergast53610975Vicky JonesVicky Jones01 September 2018
Withybush Hospital War Memorial1091090Vicky JonesVicky Jones31 January 2017
LovestonBethel Baptist Chapel34552believed to be completeDavid WookeyDavid Wookey09 July 2013
St Leonard53952David Wookey01 January 2014
MolestonBaptist Church30622oddments (more than ten)David Wookey10 August 2013
MonktonSt Nicholas and St John1072365unknown23 February 2016
War Memorial40402unknown23 February 2016
NewportBrynhyfryd1463004Martin SouthwoodMartin Southwood24 October 2017
St Mary1884601Martin SouthwoodMartin Southwood31 October 2017
PembrokeWar Memorial1071072Rosemary SlaterRosemary Slater28 August 2016
SaundersfootWar Memorial43436believed to be completeDavid Wookey10 August 2013
TenbyOut Liberty480oddments (less than ten)David Wookey10 August 2013
War Memorial1761772Rosemary SlaterRosemary Slater28 August 2016
TuftonSiloh Chapel11212David Wookey19 January 2014


Blaenau IrfonEglwys Oen Duw771190Martin SouthwoodMartin Southwood22 April 2018
BreconLlanfaes Church18437unknownCharles Sale30 August 2013
St Johns Cathedral1093277Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood22 October 2015
CefnyllsSt Curig41800Martin SouthwoodMartin Southwood09 April 2017
DisserthSt Cewydd11027839Malcolm SmithMalcolm Smith29 July 2011
St Cewydd1327411Malcolm SmithMalcolm Smith29 July 2011
LlangurigSt Curig921871Martin SouthwoodMartin Southwood16 April 2017
LlanwrthwlSt Gwrthwl1262430Martin SouthwoodMartin Southwood19 April 2017
RhayaderMunicipal5328483Martin SouthwoodMartin Southwood22 April 2018
TreflysPant-y-Celyn Baptist651220Martin SouthwoodMartin Southwood21 April 2017

West Glamorgan

SkewenCoedffranc Section M4312713Julie PenhalaganJulie Penhalagan18 March 2012


BettisfieldSt John the Baptist14024525believed to be completePeter WhitfieldPeter Whitfield31 August 2011
BroningtonHoly Trinity571172060% completePeter WhitfieldPeter Whitfield08 July 2011
War Memorial770Peter WhitfieldPeter Whitfield08 July 2012
FroncysyllteSt David8319729Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood15 August 2014
GresfordAll Saints1473733290% completeMartin Watson09 December 2012
All Saints5871575116Martin Watson22 February 2014
HanmerSt Chad34672612090% completePeter WhitfieldPeter Whitfield08 July 2011
RossettChrist Church28871975Martin Watson05 August 2013
Tallarn GreenPeters Memorial Methodist Chapel9520613believed to be completePeter WhitfieldPeter Whitfield29 July 2011
St Mary Magdalene5105believed to be complete except inside churchPeter WhitfieldPeter Whitfield15 July 2012
St Mary Magdalene9818342unknown15 July 2012
War Memorial13133Peter WhitfieldPeter Whitfield16 July 2012
WrexhamDissenters7820731believed to be completeMartin Watson13 April 2012
Dissenters Burial Ground12433034Martin WatsonMartin Watson05 October 2012
St Giles9611010Peter WhitfieldPeter Whitfield09 July 2012
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