Thomas Buckborough grave monument in St Mary the Virgin , Boston Spa, Yorkshire, England

Thomas Buckborough grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Buckborough
1957561901first name on monument
Gladys Buckborough
1976741902wife of Thomas Buckborough
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Thomas Buckborough grave location

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image: 0333
grave: 94326
Arthur Clarence Wilde
image number 0333
image: 0334
grave: 94327
Robert Carpenter Adkin
image number 0334
image: 0335
grave: 94328
Harold E Smith
image number 0335
image: 0336
grave: 94329
Edmund Headley
image number 0336
image: 0337
grave: 94330
May Pallister
image number 0337
image: 0338
grave: 94331
George Francis Taylor
image number 0338
image: 0339
grave: 94332
John Alderson
image number 0339
image: 0340
grave: 94333
Leslie Addy
image number 0340
image: 0341
grave: 94334
Ethel May Measures
image number 0341
image: 0342
grave: 94335
William Andross Beetham
image number 0342
image: 0343
grave: 94336
Thomas Buckborough
image number 0343
image: 0344
grave: 94337
Lucy Emily Foster
image number 0344
image: 0345
grave: 94338
J R Malcolm Waddington
image number 0345
image: 0346
grave: 94339
Peter Michael Harness
image number 0346
image: 0347
grave: 94340
Harry Morrell
image number 0347
image: 0348
grave: 94341
John Broom
image number 0348
image: 0349
grave: 94342
George Ralph Mawer
image number 0349
image: 0350
grave: 94343
John Henry Kew
image number 0350
image: 0351
grave: 94344
Anita Mary Walker
image number 0351
image: 0352
grave: 94345
James William Wilson
image number 0352
image: 0353
grave: 94346
Wilfred Wilson
image number 0353

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