Alfred Cole grave monument in St Mary the Virgin burial ground, Boston Spa, Yorkshire, England

Alfred Cole grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alfred Cole
Mary Ann Cole
1944 wife of Alfred Cole
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Alfred Cole grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 94309)

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image: 0306
grave: 94299
Thomas Camp
image number 0306
image: 0307
grave: 94300
William Fisher
image number 0307
image: 0308
grave: 94301
Maud Mary Windle
image number 0308
image: 0309
grave: 94302
Arthur Robinson
image number 0309
image: 0310
grave: 94303
Martha Ellen Pallister
image number 0310
image: 0311
grave: 94304
William Thornton
image number 0311
image: 0312
grave: 94305
Edward Gamble
image number 0312
image: 0313
grave: 94306
William Elsey
image number 0313
image: 0314
grave: 94307
James Holt Farraday
image number 0314
image: 0315
grave: 94308
Ellen Burrows
image number 0315
image: 0316
grave: 94309
Alfred Cole
image number 0316
image: 0317
grave: 94310
Hedley Field
image number 0317
image: 0318
grave: 94311
Sarah Tobey
image number 0318
image: 0319
grave: 94312
Frank Matthews
image number 0319
image: 0320
grave: 94313
Daniel Tomlinson
image number 0320
image: 0321
grave: 94314
Rhoda Heseltine
image number 0321
image: 0322
grave: 94315
Noel Thurlwell
image number 0322
image: 0323
grave: 94316
Cyrus Dixon
image number 0323
image: 0324
grave: 94317
Sydney Eccles
image number 0324
image: 0325
grave: 94318
Frederick George Walton
image number 0325
image: 0326
grave: 94319
John William Waite
image number 0326

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