Edward Blurton grave monument in St Mary the Virgin burial ground, Boston Spa, Yorkshire, England

Edward Blurton grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Edward Blurton
Lamplugh W Wickham
employer of Edward Blurton
Elizabeth Sarah Blurton
1910671843wife of Edward Blurton
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image: 0210
grave: 94204
Sarah Jowitt
image number 0210
image: 0211
grave: 94205
Janet Holmes
image number 0211
image: 0212
grave: 94206
Joseph Watson
image number 0212
image: 0213
grave: 94207
Harriotte Emily Holmes
image number 0213
image: 0214
grave: 94208
Alicia Lisle Holmes
image number 0214
image: 0215
grave: 94209
Mary Ann Waddington
image number 0215
image: 0216
grave: 94210
Coote Alexander Carroll
image number 0216
image: 0217
grave: 94211
Frederick George Bennett
image number 0217
image: 0218
grave: 94212
Maria Theresa Broadbent
image number 0218
image: 0219
grave: 94213
Isabel Harrison
image number 0219
image: 0220
grave: 94214
Edward Blurton
image number 0220
image: 0221
grave: 94215
Mary Pybus
image number 0221
image: 0222
grave: 94216
John Marwood
image number 0222
image: 0223
grave: 94217
Alfred Seed
image number 0223
image: 0224
grave: 94218
John Thompson
image number 0224
image: 0225
grave: 94219
Robert Fletcher
image number 0225
image: 0226
grave: 94220
Lamplugh Whickham Whickham
image number 0226
image: 0227
grave: 94221
Catherine Henrietta Whickham
image number 0227
image: 0228
grave: 94222
Henry Francis Whickham
image number 0228
image: 0229
grave: 94223
John Charles Pearce
image number 0229
image: 0230
grave: 94224
Charles Handcock
image number 0230

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