Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 933369Details of grave number 933369 at St Andrew (behind) Barningham for Frederick Charles Rose

Frederick Charles Rose grave monument in St Andrew (behind) burial ground, Barningham, Suffolk, England

Frederick Charles Rose grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Frederick Charles Rose
Nella Bertha Honor Rose
01/03/20069316/03/1913wife of Frederick Charles Rose

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image: blaw62
grave: 933359
Dorothy Florence Lodge
image number blaw62
image: blaw63
grave: 933360
Phyllis Irene Dobinson
image number blaw63
image: blaw64
grave: 933361
Roland Archibald Nice
image number blaw64
image: blaw65
grave: 933362
Marjory Gladys Driver
image number blaw65
image: blaw66
grave: 933363
Enid Mary Reid
image number blaw66
image: blaw67
grave: 933364
Geoffrey Charles Hayward
image number blaw67
image: blaw68
grave: 933365
Peter John Chapman
image number blaw68
image: blaw69
grave: 933366
Hilda Edith Thompson
image number blaw69
image: blaw70
grave: 933367
Shirley Mabel Buxton
image number blaw70
image: blaw71
grave: 933368
John Henry Kerry
image number blaw71
image: blaw72
grave: 933369
Frederick Charles Rose
image number blaw72
image: blaw73
grave: 933370
Michael Harry Jerrold
image number blaw73
image: blaw74
grave: 933371
John Hubbard
image number blaw74
image: blaw75
grave: 933372
Henry William Feetham
image number blaw75
image: blaw76
grave: 933373
Lee Barry Shave
image number blaw76
image: blaw77
grave: 933374
Walter Charles Lord
image number blaw77
image: blaw78
grave: 933375
Sylvia Isobel Mary Balls
image number blaw78
image: blaw79
grave: 933376
Anthony Page
image number blaw79
image: blaw80
grave: 933377
Leonard William Witton
image number blaw80
image: blaw81
grave: 933378
Arthur Stanley Jerrold
image number blaw81
image: blaw82
grave: 933379
Paul Lambton Ramsden
image number blaw82

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