Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 931333Details of grave number 931333 at Stonefall (area 13) Harrogate for William S Houseman

William S Houseman grave monument in Stonefall (area 13) cemetery, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England

William S Houseman grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William S Houseman

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image: 8107
grave: 931323
Sarah Ketteringham
image number 8107
image: 8109
grave: 931324
Nicolai Peter Thamsen
image number 8109
image: 8110
grave: 931325
Mary Chapman
image number 8110
image: 8113
grave: 931326
George Edward Walker
image number 8113
image: 8115
grave: 931327
Catherine Ann Crosse
image number 8115
image: 8117
grave: 931328
Elizabeth Smith
image number 8117
image: 8119
grave: 931329
Annie Lydia Batchelor
image number 8119
image: 8122
grave: 931330
Doreen Weatherald
image number 8122
image: 8124
grave: 931331
John Stephen Miller
image number 8124
image: 8126
grave: 931332
Thomas Alfred Clarke
image number 8126
image: 8128
grave: 931333
William S Houseman
image number 8128
image: 8130
grave: 931334
William North
image number 8130
image: 8132
grave: 931335
Lena Swales
image number 8132
image: 8134
grave: 931336
George Andrew Gartman
image number 8134
image: 8141
grave: 931337
Mary Hannah Douglas
image number 8141
image: 8146
grave: 931338
George Gaudie Stephenson
image number 8146
image: 8149
grave: 931339
Horatio Saturnius Hartley Sharp
image number 8149
image: 8152
grave: 931340
Mary Nicholson
image number 8152
image: 8156
grave: 931341
Lydia Eastwood
image number 8156
image: 8159
grave: 931342
Anna Lavinia Booth
image number 8159
image: 8163
grave: 931343
Walter Harris
image number 8163

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