Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 930534Details of grave number 930534 at London Necropolis (plot 32) Brookwood for Amelia Elizabeth Copus

Amelia Elizabeth Copus grave monument in London Necropolis (plot 32) cemetery, Brookwood, Surrey, England

Amelia Elizabeth Copus grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Amelia Elizabeth Copus
George Copus
husband of Amelia Elizabeth Copus
Lawrence Harrison
1899661833relationship not known of Amelia Elizabeth Copus
Mary Anna Harrison
1893501843relationship not known of Amelia Elizabeth Copus

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image: DSC_5808
grave: 930524
Thomas Andrew Adkins
image number DSC_5808
image: DSC_5809
grave: 930525
Thomas Bent
image number DSC_5809
image: DSC_5810
grave: 930526
Charlotte Wahab
image number DSC_5810
image: DSC_5812
grave: 930527
George Turner White
image number DSC_5812
image: DSC_5813
grave: 930528
Edgar William Verrinder
image number DSC_5813
image: DSC_5818
grave: 930529
Annis Rose
image number DSC_5818
image: DSC_5820
grave: 930530
George Johnson
image number DSC_5820
image: DSC_5821
grave: 930531
Mary Elizabeth Lyell
image number DSC_5821
image: DSC_5821
grave: 930532
Anna Susannah Horner
image number DSC_5821
image: DSC_5825
grave: 930533
Mary Ann Emblin
image number DSC_5825
image: DSC_5826
grave: 930534
Amelia Elizabeth Copus
image number DSC_5826
image: DSC_5831
grave: 930535
Jane Harrison
image number DSC_5831
image: DSC_5832
grave: 930536
Henry Creswike Rawlinson
image number DSC_5832
image: DSC_5835
grave: 930537
Alice Maud Whitacre Croll
image number DSC_5835
image: DSC_5837
grave: 930538
Thomas Hacket Massey
image number DSC_5837
image: DSC_5839
grave: 930539
Mary Irwin Beck
image number DSC_5839
image: DSC_5843
grave: 930540
Elizabeth Kaye
image number DSC_5843
image: DSC_5844
grave: 930541
Margie Rawlinson
image number DSC_5844
image: DSC_5846
grave: 930542
Thomas Norris Moore
image number DSC_5846
image: DSC_5848
grave: 930543
Hugo Muller
image number DSC_5848
image: DSC_5849
grave: 930544
Edmund Atkinson
image number DSC_5849

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