Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 929906Details of grave number 929906 at Wodonga Cemetery (Catholic) Wodonga for Kathleen Godde

Kathleen Godde grave monument in Wodonga Cemetery (Catholic) cemetery, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia

Kathleen Godde grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Kathleen (Lena) Godde
Ferdinand Godde
28/05/1959711888husband of Kathleen Godde

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image: 283
grave: 929896
Julia Cronin
image number 283
image: 284
grave: 929897
Michael Cronin
image number 284
image: 285
grave: 929898
Albert Schlink
image number 285
image: 286
grave: 929899
Rudolph Herbert Schlink
image number 286
image: 287
grave: 929900
Bernado Costa
image number 287
image: 288
grave: 929901
William Ryan
image number 288
image: 289
grave: 929902
Albert Mason
image number 289
image: 290
grave: 929903
Walter Augustus Yates
image number 290
image: 291
grave: 929904
Carl Godde
image number 291
image: 292
grave: 929905
Lorenz Godde
image number 292
image: 293
grave: 929906
Kathleen Godde
image number 293
image: 294
grave: 929907
Winefred Woodland
image number 294
image: 295
grave: 929908
Casper Charles Franz Gordes
image number 295
image: 296
grave: 929909
Franz Cordes
image number 296
image: 297
grave: 929910
William Joseph Harney
image number 297
image: 298
grave: 929911
Michaeljoseph Bowman
image number 298
image: 299
grave: 929912
Mary Fealy
image number 299
image: 300
grave: 929913
Hugh Mulqueeney
image number 300
image: 301
grave: 929914
Mary Fealy
image number 301
image: 302
grave: 929915
Lorenz Godde
image number 302
image: 303
grave: 929916
Anna M Breier
image number 303

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