Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 926701Details of grave number 926701 at Stonefall (area 19) Harrogate for John C Carrick

John C Carrick grave monument in Stonefall (area 19) cemetery, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England

John C Carrick grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John C Carrick
Maud M M Carrick
06/01/1987751912relationship not given of John C Carrick

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image: 7531
grave: 926691
May Tugela Wray
image number 7531
image: 7532
grave: 926692
Walter Hall
image number 7532
image: 7533
grave: 926693
Ronald Wallace
image number 7533
image: 7534
grave: 926694
A C Hall
image number 7534
image: 7535
grave: 926695
John R W Willis
image number 7535
image: 7544
grave: 926696
Jack Nightingale
image number 7544
image: 7545
grave: 926697
Gladys May Spruce
image number 7545
image: 7546
grave: 926698
Thomas Johnson
image number 7546
image: 7547
grave: 926699
Frank Cheadle
image number 7547
image: 7548
grave: 926700
George Brooks
image number 7548
image: 7549
grave: 926701
John C Carrick
image number 7549
image: 7550
grave: 926702
Sandra Hadley
image number 7550
image: 7551
grave: 926703
Nellie Hodgson
image number 7551
image: 7553
grave: 926704
Walter Smith
image number 7553
image: 7555
grave: 926705
Otis J Miller
image number 7555
image: 7557
grave: 926706
Arthur Brown
image number 7557
image: 7559
grave: 926707
Charles Hardisty
image number 7559
image: 7561
grave: 926708
Antony Michael Kettlewell
image number 7561
image: 7562
grave: 926709
Harry Wood
image number 7562
image: 7564
grave: 926710
Herbert Hardingham Lane
image number 7564
image: 7566
grave: 926711
Nahun John Higgins
image number 7566

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