Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 926679Details of grave number 926679 at Stonefall (area 19) Harrogate for Jane Ellis

Jane Ellis grave monument in Stonefall (area 19) cemetery, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England

Jane Ellis grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Jane Ellis
Norman Ellis
23/09/1938 husband of Jane Ellis
Cyril Ellis
29/05/1957 son of Jane Ellis

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image: 7481
grave: 926669
Esther Annie England
image number 7481
image: 7484
grave: 926670
Edith Mary Chambie Benson
image number 7484
image: 7485
grave: 926671
Fred Coates
image number 7485
image: 7487
grave: 926672
Arthur Ingleson
image number 7487
image: 7489
grave: 926673
Andrew Curley
image number 7489
image: 7491
grave: 926674
Mary Jane Henderson
image number 7491
image: 7492
grave: 926675
Margaret Ferguson
image number 7492
image: 7494
grave: 926676
Ada Emily Pullan
image number 7494
image: 7496
grave: 926677
Fred Kell
image number 7496
image: 7498
grave: 926678
William Walker
image number 7498
image: 7506
grave: 926679
Jane Ellis
image number 7506
image: 7507
grave: 926680
Arthur Wray
image number 7507
image: 7511
grave: 926681
Sheila Sanders
image number 7511
image: 7512
grave: 926682
Cathleen Mary Exley
image number 7512
image: 7514
grave: 926683
Richard Bland
image number 7514
image: 7518
grave: 926684
Fanny Priscilla James
image number 7518
image: 7519
grave: 926685
Ernest Barron
image number 7519
image: 7521
grave: 926686
Sarah Ellen Whiteley
image number 7521
image: 7523
grave: 926687
Harriet Jewitt
image number 7523
image: 7524
grave: 926688
Robert Jowett
image number 7524
image: 7526
grave: 926689
Dereck Ronald Ledgeway
image number 7526

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