Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 926625Details of grave number 926625 at Stonefall (area 19) Harrogate for Mary Cousins

Mary Cousins grave monument in Stonefall (area 19) cemetery, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England

Mary Cousins grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Cousins
Henry De Burgh Cousins
31/01/1951831868husband of Mary Cousins

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image: 7344
grave: 926615
Fred Murgatroyd
image number 7344
image: 7345
grave: 926616
Annie Lizzie Radley
image number 7345
image: 7347
grave: 926617
Samuel King
image number 7347
image: 7348
grave: 926618
Margaret Jane Simmon
image number 7348
image: 7351
grave: 926619
Edeltraut Dorothea Gronow
image number 7351
image: 7352
grave: 926620
Harry Dickinson
image number 7352
image: 7354
grave: 926621
Winifred May Birkett
image number 7354
image: 7358
grave: 926622
Frances Elizabeth Atkinson
image number 7358
image: 7360
grave: 926623
Albert Whitehead
image number 7360
image: 7362
grave: 926624
Margaret Anne Morgan
image number 7362
image: 7365
grave: 926625
Mary Cousins
image number 7365
image: 7366
grave: 926626
William Skinner
image number 7366
image: 7371
grave: 926627
Annie Davies
image number 7371
image: 7373
grave: 926628
Harry R Parker
image number 7373
image: 7376
grave: 926629
Thomas Edwin Stockdale
image number 7376
image: 7377
grave: 926630
Mary Elizabeth Newsam
image number 7377
image: 7379
grave: 926631
Sam Brooke Lupton
image number 7379
image: 7382
grave: 926632
Thomas Falkingbridge
image number 7382
image: 7397
grave: 926633
Mary Esme Weightman
image number 7397
image: 7398
grave: 926634
Frank Rathke
image number 7398
image: 7400
grave: 926635
Richard George Ward Dodd
image number 7400

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