Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 923086Details of grave number 923086 at North (section A) Darlington for John Edwin Nixon

John Edwin Nixon grave monument in North (section A) cemetery, Darlington, Durham, England

John Edwin Nixon grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Edwin Nixon
Mary Jane Nixon
1960811879wife of John Edwin Nixon

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image: 1353
grave: 923076
James Grievson
image number 1353
image: 1354
grave: 923077
Margaret Wright
image number 1354
image: 1357
grave: 923078
Jane Tweddle
image number 1357
image: 1358
grave: 923079
Isabelle Fox
image number 1358
image: 1361
grave: 923080
Thomas Collins
image number 1361
image: 1362
grave: 923081
Miles Brown
image number 1362
image: 1363
grave: 923082
Mary Forster
image number 1363
image: 1364
grave: 923083
John Swainston
image number 1364
image: 1366
grave: 923084
Annie Bell Wheldon
image number 1366
image: 1367
grave: 923085
Harriet Nixon
image number 1367
image: 1370
grave: 923086
John Edwin Nixon
image number 1370
image: 1371
grave: 923087
Mary Ann Wilson
image number 1371
image: 1372
grave: 923088
Job Booth
image number 1372
image: 1373
grave: 923089
Hilda Whitehead
image number 1373
image: 1374
grave: 923090
James Bell
image number 1374
image: 1375
grave: 923091
Lizzie Nixon
image number 1375
image: 1376
grave: 923092
Elizabeth Armitstead
image number 1376
image: 1377
grave: 923093
Lydia Tyerman
image number 1377
image: 1378
grave: 923094
Mary Elizabeth Sharp
image number 1378
image: 1379
grave: 923095
Hannah Dawson
image number 1379
image: 1382
grave: 923096
Ralph Cummin
image number 1382

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