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Elizabeth Ann Lambert grave monument in The Bright cemetery, The Bright, New South Wales, Australia

Elizabeth Ann Lambert grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Elizabeth Ann Lambert

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image: 179
grave: 922713
James Rankin
image number 179
image: 180
grave: 922714
Elsie Isabel Young
image number 180
image: 181
grave: 922715
William Froude
image number 181
image: 182
grave: 922716
James Lambert
image number 182
image: 183
grave: 922717
Albert Lambert
image number 183
image: 184
grave: 922718
Michael John Woodward
image number 184
image: 185
grave: 922719
Jack R Woodward
image number 185
image: 186
grave: 922720
Elizabeth Maud Paul
image number 186
image: 187
grave: 922721
Edward John Lambert
image number 187
image: 188
grave: 922722
Edward Charles Lambert
image number 188
image: 189
grave: 922723
Elizabeth Ann Lambert
image number 189
image: 190
grave: 922724
Infant Son Lambert
image number 190
image: 191
grave: 922725
Lila Dorothy Lambert
image number 191
image: 192
grave: 922726
William James Lambert
image number 192
image: 193
grave: 922727
Harold William Lambert
image number 193
image: 194
grave: 922728
Ronald Charles Lambert
image number 194
image: 195
grave: 922729
John Wesley Lambert
image number 195
image: 196
grave: 922730
George James Lambert
image number 196
image: 197
grave: 922731
Arthur Barry Lambert
image number 197
image: 198
grave: 922732
John Patrick Cox
image number 198
image: 199
grave: 922733
Sarah Pollock
image number 199

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