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Edward Vernon Brown grave monument in The Bright cemetery, The Bright, New South Wales, Australia

Edward Vernon Brown grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Edward Vernon (Ted) Brown
Marjory Grace Brown
2012851927relationship not known of Edward Vernon Brown

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image: 146
grave: 922680
Paul Robert Jones
image number 146
image: 147
grave: 922681
Kenneth Roy Fitzgerald
image number 147
image: 148
grave: 922682
Margaret Lena Silvester
image number 148
image: 149
grave: 922683
Grant Andrew Silvester
image number 149
image: 150
grave: 922684
William James Maitland
image number 150
image: 151
grave: 922685
Henry Brown
image number 151
image: 152
grave: 922686
Ann Brown
image number 152
image: 153
grave: 922687
Arthur Manning Brown
image number 153
image: 154
grave: 922688
Edward Brown
image number 154
image: 155
grave: 922689
James Vernon Brown
image number 155
image: 156
grave: 922690
Edward Vernon Brown
image number 156
image: 157
grave: 922691
Lindsay Vincent Zanardi
image number 157
image: 158
grave: 922692
Sandra Joy Zanardi
image number 158
image: 159
grave: 922693
Sydney Raymond Lattimore
image number 159
image: 160
grave: 922694
William John Russell
image number 160
image: 161
grave: 922695
Harriet Bird
image number 161
image: 162
grave: 922696
William Bird
image number 162
image: 163
grave: 922697
Ross Smith Hayter
image number 163
image: 164
grave: 922698
Jane Elizabeth Hayter
image number 164
image: 165
grave: 922699
Sharon Ann Mc Carthy
image number 165
image: 166
grave: 922700
Veronica Agnes Brewer
image number 166

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