Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 916552Details of grave number 916552 at Parish Coleford for Reginald William John Moore

Reginald William John Moore grave monument in Parish cemetery, Coleford, Somerset, England

Reginald William John Moore grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Reginald William John Moore
Roy Barnett
1974751899relationship not known of Reginald William John Moore

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image: 77
grave: 916542
Ruth Turner
image number 77
image: 78
grave: 916543
Margaret Joan Redfern
image number 78
image: 79
grave: 916544
Oliver Victor Allen
image number 79
image: 80
grave: 916545
Alen John Rushton
image number 80
image: 81
grave: 916546
John Nicholls
image number 81
image: 82
grave: 916547
Dorothy May Button
image number 82
image: 83
grave: 916548
Jaydon Mogg
image number 83
image: 84
grave: 916549
Peter William Boorer
image number 84
image: 85
grave: 916550
John Clifford Winsley
image number 85
image: 86
grave: 916551
Kathleen Amy Earley
image number 86
image: 87
grave: 916552
Reginald William John Moore
image number 87
image: 89
grave: 916553
Rita Davis
image number 89
image: 90
grave: 916554
Susan Violet Coles
image number 90
image: 91
grave: 916555
Angela Milnes
image number 91
image: 92
grave: 916556
Clifford Rex Coles
image number 92
image: 93
grave: 916557
Kenneth W T Whatley
image number 93
image: 94
grave: 916558
Leonard Verdun Copper
image number 94
image: 95
grave: 916559
Graham Henry Starr
image number 95
image: 95
grave: 916560
Olive Mary Starr
image number 95
image: 96
grave: 916561
Mary Elizabeth Hansford
image number 96
image: 97
grave: 916562
Ian Jackson
image number 97

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