Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 91264Details of grave number 91264 at Old Municipal Wick for Catherine Mowat

Catherine Mowat grave monument in Old Municipal cemetery, Wick, Caithness, Scotland

Catherine Mowat grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Catherine Mowat
James Steven
1956891867husband of Catherine Mowat

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image: 17801
grave: 91254
George MacKenzie Sutherland
image number 17801
image: 17805
grave: 91255
William Wood
image number 17805
image: 17809
grave: 91256
Isabella Meiklejohn
image number 17809
image: 17810
grave: 91257
James Miller
image number 17810
image: 17815
grave: 91258
Alexander Sinclair
image number 17815
image: 17830
grave: 91259
Elizabeth Steven
image number 17830
image: 17836
grave: 91260
Alexander Miller
image number 17836
image: 17838
grave: 91261
Donald Sutherland
image number 17838
image: 17848
grave: 91262
Donald Bruce
image number 17848
image: 17860
grave: 91263
A Campbell
image number 17860
image: 17864
grave: 91264
Catherine Mowat
image number 17864
image: 17869
grave: 91265
Benjamin Bremner
image number 17869
image: 17890
grave: 91266
Williamina Couper
image number 17890
image: 17905
grave: 91267
Josephine Young MacNab
image number 17905
image: 17911
grave: 91268
Jessie MacKay
image number 17911
image: 17921
grave: 91269
Jane S McLeod
image number 17921
image: 17923
grave: 91270
Jane Moodie
image number 17923
image: 17952
grave: 91271
John Clark
image number 17952
image: 17953
grave: 91272
Elizabeth Mowat
image number 17953
image: 17958
grave: 91273
Donald Alexander Cormack
image number 17958
image: 18026
grave: 91274
George Sutherland
image number 18026

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