Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 908705Details of grave number 908705 at Stonefall (area 8) Harrogate for Fidelis Joseph Smith

Fidelis Joseph Smith grave monument in Stonefall (area 8) cemetery, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England

Fidelis Joseph Smith grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Fidelis Joseph Smith
Minnie Smith
25/04/1981861895wife of Fidelis Joseph Smith

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image: 5779
grave: 908695
James Donohoe
image number 5779
image: 5780
grave: 908696
Ellen Atkinson
image number 5780
image: 5781
grave: 908697
Marion Byrnes
image number 5781
image: 5783
grave: 908698
Joseph Francis Sweeney
image number 5783
image: 5784
grave: 908699
Jozef Karol Nolhr
image number 5784
image: 5785
grave: 908700
Juanita Mccormick
image number 5785
image: 5786
grave: 908701
John Moore
image number 5786
image: 5787
grave: 908702
Wilfrid Kilvington
image number 5787
image: 5789
grave: 908703
Grace Estelle Pargiter
image number 5789
image: 5790
grave: 908704
John Francis Fitzpatrick
image number 5790
image: 5791
grave: 908705
Fidelis Joseph Smith
image number 5791
image: 5792
grave: 908706
Francis Edmund Taylerson
image number 5792
image: 5793
grave: 908707
Edwin Harold Longster
image number 5793
image: 5794
grave: 908708
Edmund James Donelly
image number 5794
image: 5795
grave: 908709
Christopher Hollowed
image number 5795
image: 5797
grave: 908710
John Francis Shaw
image number 5797
image: 5798
grave: 908711
Sarah Macdonald
image number 5798
image: 5799
grave: 908712
Lucy Mary Beckett
image number 5799
image: 5801
grave: 908713
Douglas George Gilbert
image number 5801
image: 5802
grave: 908714
George Towse
image number 5802
image: 5804
grave: 908715
Alice Wright
image number 5804

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