Duncan Sutherland grave monument in Old Municipal cemetery, Wick, Caithness, Scotland

Duncan Sutherland grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Duncan Sutherland
Andrewetta Sutherland
1921241897daughter of Duncan Sutherland
David Sutherland
1941261915son of Duncan Sutherland
Elizabeth C Ross
1961871874wife of Duncan Sutherland
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Duncan Sutherland grave location

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image: 1050016
grave: 89972
John Munro
image number 1050016
image: 1050018
grave: 89973
David Campbell
image number 1050018
image: 1050022
grave: 89974
George A O Green
image number 1050022
image: 1050024
grave: 89975
W H B Ramsay
image number 1050024
image: 1050025
grave: 89976
Williamina Sutherland
image number 1050025
image: 1050026
grave: 89977
John Alexander Coffey
image number 1050026
image: 1050028
grave: 89978
Margaret Ann Nicol
image number 1050028
image: 1050029
grave: 89979
Margaret C Davidson
image number 1050029
image: 1050030
grave: 89980
John Banks
image number 1050030
image: 1050031
grave: 89981
Jean Forbes
image number 1050031
image: 1050034
grave: 89982
Duncan Sutherland
image number 1050034
image: 1050036
grave: 89983
Robertina Cormack
image number 1050036
image: 1050038
grave: 89984
Henrietta Margaret Doake
image number 1050038
image: 1050039
grave: 89985
Maggie P Lyall
image number 1050039
image: 1050041
grave: 89986
Robertina Shall
image number 1050041
image: 1050042
grave: 89987
John Bremner
image number 1050042
image: 1050043
grave: 89988
Cathie Bremner/Nicol
image number 1050043
image: 1050044
grave: 89989
George Ronaldson
image number 1050044
image: 1050046
grave: 89990
Alice A H Watt
image number 1050046
image: 1050047
grave: 89991
David Henderson
image number 1050047
image: 1050049
grave: 89992
Robert Taylor
image number 1050049

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