Charlotte Georgeson grave monument in Old Municipal , Wick, Caithness, Scotland

Charlotte Georgeson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Charlotte Georgeson
1899701829first name on monument
Charlotte Thomson Keith
1887 grand daughter of Charlotte Georgeson
Donald Thomson
1882551827husband of Charlotte Georgeson
John Forbes
1893301863son-in-law of Charlotte Georgeson
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Charlotte Georgeson grave location

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image: 1040759
grave: 89836
William Leith
image number 1040759
image: 1040761
grave: 89837
James Bremner Bruce
image number 1040761
image: 1040762
grave: 89838
John Bain
image number 1040762
image: 1040764
grave: 89839
William Dunnet
image number 1040764
image: 1040770
grave: 89840
James Henderson
image number 1040770
image: 1040773
grave: 89841
William Rae
image number 1040773
image: 1040777
grave: 89842
David Gunn
image number 1040777
image: 1040781
grave: 89843
Margaret McLean Bain
image number 1040781
image: 1040783
grave: 89844
Hector Sutherland
image number 1040783
image: 1040788
grave: 89845
Benjamin Thomson
image number 1040788
image: 1040791
grave: 89846
Charlotte Georgeson
image number 1040791
image: 1040794
grave: 89847
William Davidson
image number 1040794
image: 1040795
grave: 89848
Isabella MacPherson
image number 1040795
image: 1040796
grave: 89849
Christina Brough
image number 1040796
image: 1040799
grave: 89850
Donald Malcolm
image number 1040799
image: 1040801
grave: 89851
David Coghill Donaldson
image number 1040801
image: 1040805
grave: 89852
Helen Alexander
image number 1040805
image: 1040806
grave: 89853
Donald Manson
image number 1040806
image: 1040807
grave: 89854
William MacKay
image number 1040807
image: 1040808
grave: 89855
Thomas Steven
image number 1040808
image: 1040809
grave: 89856
Robert Campbell
image number 1040809

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