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George Gordon Miller grave monument in Fryerstown cemetery, Fryerstown, Victoria, Australia

George Gordon Miller grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
George Gordon Miller
Martha Miller
09/11/1929851844wife of George Gordon Miller

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(40 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 895911)

The following thumbnail images are the 40 taken before and 40 after the one for George Gordon Miller was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for George Gordon Miller below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the George Gordon Miller grave.

image: IMG_2686661
grave: 895871
William Donald
image number IMG_2686661
image: IMG_2686662
grave: 895872
Ann Dyer
image number IMG_2686662
image: IMG_2686663
grave: 895873
John Errington
image number IMG_2686663
image: IMG_2686664
grave: 895874
John Fenton
image number IMG_2686664
image: IMG_2686665
grave: 895875
Margaret Ferguson
image number IMG_2686665
image: IMG_2686666
grave: 895876
William Glen
image number IMG_2686666
image: IMG_2686667
grave: 895877
Robert Glen
image number IMG_2686667
image: IMG_2686668
grave: 895878
Harriet Ann Gray
image number IMG_2686668
image: IMG_2686669
grave: 895879
Francis Hardwick
image number IMG_2686669
image: IMG_2686670
grave: 895880
Frederick Charles Hatt
image number IMG_2686670
image: IMG_2686670
grave: 895881
George William Hatt
image number IMG_2686670
image: IMG_2686672
grave: 895882
Samuel Hill Hazlett
image number IMG_2686672
image: IMG_2686673
grave: 895883
Verne Francis John Hooper
image number IMG_2686673
image: IMG_2686674
grave: 895884
Roy Jacka
image number IMG_2686674
image: IMG_2686675
grave: 895885
Asmus Jacobsen
image number IMG_2686675
image: IMG_2686676
grave: 895886
Charles Wye Jones
image number IMG_2686676
image: IMG_2686677
grave: 895887
Arthur Kaye
image number IMG_2686677
image: IMG_2686678
grave: 895888
Mary Ann Kennedy
image number IMG_2686678
image: IMG_2686679
grave: 895889
Francis H L Kitto
image number IMG_2686679
image: IMG_2686680
grave: 895890
Henry Edward Knapman
image number IMG_2686680
image: IMG_2686681
grave: 895891
Thomas Henry Knowles
image number IMG_2686681
image: IMG_2686682
grave: 895892
Elizabeth Mary Lannin
image number IMG_2686682
image: IMG_2686683
grave: 895893
Edna May Sporle
image number IMG_2686683
image: IMG_2686684
grave: 895894
Albert Charles Leonard
image number IMG_2686684
image: IMG_2686685
grave: 895895
George Letter
image number IMG_2686685
image: IMG_2686686
grave: 895896
Charles Roderick Maclare
image number IMG_2686686
image: IMG_2686687
grave: 895897
Isabel Margaret Macnee
image number IMG_2686687
image: IMG_2686688
grave: 895898
Julian Richard Martin
image number IMG_2686688
image: IMG_2686689
grave: 895899
John Matthews
image number IMG_2686689
image: IMG_2686690
grave: 895900
Jessie Mcarthur
image number IMG_2686690
image: IMG_2686691
grave: 895901
Jane Mcculla
image number IMG_2686691
image: IMG_2686692
grave: 895902
William James Mcdonald
image number IMG_2686692
image: IMG_2686693
grave: 895903
Stanley George Mckaskill
image number IMG_2686693
image: IMG_2686694
grave: 895904
Emily Mckillop
image number IMG_2686694
image: IMG_2686695
grave: 895905
Margaret H Mcleod
image number IMG_2686695
image: IMG_2686696
grave: 895906
Robert Arthur Mcniece
image number IMG_2686696
image: IMG_2686697
grave: 895907
Susannah Sarah Taylor
image number IMG_2686697
image: IMG_2686698
grave: 895908
Archibald Gordon Miller
image number IMG_2686698
image: IMG_2686699
grave: 895909
Florence May Miller
image number IMG_2686699
image: IMG_2686700
grave: 895910
Dorothy Victoria Miller
image number IMG_2686700
image: IMG_2686701
grave: 895911
George Gordon Miller
image number IMG_2686701
image: IMG_2686702
grave: 895912
John Miller
image number IMG_2686702
image: IMG_2686703
grave: 895913
William Miller
image number IMG_2686703
image: IMG_2686753
grave: 895914
William Donald Miller
image number IMG_2686753
image: IMG_2686704
grave: 895915
Joyce Helen Misson
image number IMG_2686704
image: IMG_2686705
grave: 895916
William John Mulready
image number IMG_2686705
image: IMG_2686706
grave: 895917
George Daniel Murray
image number IMG_2686706
image: IMG_2686707
grave: 895918
Richard Stoneman
image number IMG_2686707
image: IMG_2686708
grave: 895919
Fanny Neems
image number IMG_2686708
image: IMG_2686710
grave: 895920
John Ratten
image number IMG_2686710
image: IMG_2686711
grave: 895921
James Nicholls
image number IMG_2686711
image: IMG_2686712
grave: 895922
William Quick
image number IMG_2686712
image: IMG_2686713
grave: 895923
Norman James Rodda
image number IMG_2686713
image: IMG_2686714
grave: 895924
Edward William Hitchins Rowe
image number IMG_2686714
image: IMG_2686715
grave: 895925
James Rowe
image number IMG_2686715
image: IMG_2686716
grave: 895926
Russell Stewart Mcnee
image number IMG_2686716
image: IMG_2686717
grave: 895927
Robert Henry Sanger
image number IMG_2686717
image: IMG_2686718
grave: 895928
Charles E Sanger
image number IMG_2686718
image: IMG_2686719
grave: 895929
Herbert L Sanger
image number IMG_2686719
image: IMG_2686720
grave: 895930
Jessie Margaret Sanger
image number IMG_2686720
image: IMG_2686721
grave: 895931
image number IMG_2686721
image: IMG_2686722
grave: 895932
William Reynolds Schonfelder
image number IMG_2686722
image: IMG_2686723
grave: 895933
John H L Schonfelder
image number IMG_2686723
image: IMG_2686724
grave: 895934
Philip Brady Sherlock
image number IMG_2686724
image: IMG_2686725
grave: 895935
Mabel Smart
image number IMG_2686725
image: IMG_2686726
grave: 895936
Elizabeth Smart
image number IMG_2686726
image: IMG_2686727
grave: 895937
Peggy Smart
image number IMG_2686727
image: IMG_2686728
grave: 895938
Dorothy Spencer
image number IMG_2686728
image: IMG_2686729
grave: 895939
Margaret Jane Lowe Strahan
image number IMG_2686729
image: IMG_2686730
grave: 895940
Mabel Sutherland
image number IMG_2686730
image: IMG_2686731
grave: 895941
Emma Tregear
image number IMG_2686731
image: IMG_2686732
grave: 895942
Mary Tute
image number IMG_2686732
image: IMG_2686733
grave: 895943
Norma Rae Martin
image number IMG_2686733
image: IMG_2686734
grave: 895944
image number IMG_2686734
image: IMG_2686735
grave: 895945
Robert Warburton
image number IMG_2686735
image: IMG_2686736
grave: 895946
George Webb
image number IMG_2686736
image: IMG_2686737
grave: 895947
William Whyte
image number IMG_2686737
image: IMG_2686738
grave: 895948
Charles Frederick Williams
image number IMG_2686738
image: IMG_2686739
grave: 895949
Elizabeth Williams
image number IMG_2686739
image: IMG_2686740
grave: 895950
James W Williams
image number IMG_2686740
image: IMG_2686741
grave: 895951
Emily Maria Williams
image number IMG_2686741

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