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William James Mcdonald grave monument in Fryerstown cemetery, Fryerstown, Victoria, Australia

William James Mcdonald grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William James Mcdonald
Dulcie Mcdonald
daughter of William James Mcdonald
Jean Mcdonald
daughter of William James Mcdonald
Doug Mcdonald
son of William James Mcdonald
Lance Mcdonald
son of William James Mcdonald
Colver Mcdonald
son of William James Mcdonald
Olive Leah Colver Mcdonald
04/12/1986901896wife of William James Mcdonald

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image: IMG_2686682
grave: 895892
Elizabeth Mary Lannin
image number IMG_2686682
image: IMG_2686683
grave: 895893
Edna May Sporle
image number IMG_2686683
image: IMG_2686684
grave: 895894
Albert Charles Leonard
image number IMG_2686684
image: IMG_2686685
grave: 895895
George Letter
image number IMG_2686685
image: IMG_2686686
grave: 895896
Charles Roderick Maclare
image number IMG_2686686
image: IMG_2686687
grave: 895897
Isabel Margaret Macnee
image number IMG_2686687
image: IMG_2686688
grave: 895898
Julian Richard Martin
image number IMG_2686688
image: IMG_2686689
grave: 895899
John Matthews
image number IMG_2686689
image: IMG_2686690
grave: 895900
Jessie Mcarthur
image number IMG_2686690
image: IMG_2686691
grave: 895901
Jane Mcculla
image number IMG_2686691
image: IMG_2686692
grave: 895902
William James Mcdonald
image number IMG_2686692
image: IMG_2686693
grave: 895903
Stanley George Mckaskill
image number IMG_2686693
image: IMG_2686694
grave: 895904
Emily Mckillop
image number IMG_2686694
image: IMG_2686695
grave: 895905
Margaret H Mcleod
image number IMG_2686695
image: IMG_2686696
grave: 895906
Robert Arthur Mcniece
image number IMG_2686696
image: IMG_2686697
grave: 895907
Susannah Sarah Taylor
image number IMG_2686697
image: IMG_2686698
grave: 895908
Archibald Gordon Miller
image number IMG_2686698
image: IMG_2686699
grave: 895909
Florence May Miller
image number IMG_2686699
image: IMG_2686700
grave: 895910
Dorothy Victoria Miller
image number IMG_2686700
image: IMG_2686701
grave: 895911
George Gordon Miller
image number IMG_2686701
image: IMG_2686702
grave: 895912
John Miller
image number IMG_2686702

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