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Jean Patricia Bartlett grave monument in Lansdowne cemetery, Lansdowne, New South Wales, Australia

Jean Patricia Bartlett grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Jean Patricia Bartlett nee Mc Donell

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image: 261
grave: 879929
William Bede Peters
image number 261
image: 262
grave: 879930
Mary Hawse
image number 262
image: 263
grave: 879931
Stewart Bevan Jackson
image number 263
image: 264
grave: 879932
Owen Bernard Pereira
image number 264
image: 265
grave: 879933
Joseph Pereira
image number 265
image: 266
grave: 879934
Lancelot M Pereira
image number 266
image: 267
grave: 879935
Miriam W Pereira
image number 267
image: 268
grave: 879936
George Francis Berridge
image number 268
image: 269
grave: 879937
Reginald George Coombe
image number 269
image: 270
grave: 879938
William Aubrey Bartlett
image number 270
image: 271
grave: 879939
Jean Patricia Bartlett
image number 271
image: 272
grave: 879940
Trevitt Thomas Slack
image number 272
image: 273
grave: 879941
Elizabeth Clara Mc Donell
image number 273
image: 274
grave: 879942
Pauline Mary Bradley
image number 274
image: 275
grave: 879943
Charles Francis Mc Donell
image number 275
image: 276
grave: 879944
Monica Frances O'loughlin
image number 276
image: 277
grave: 879945
William Thomas Searle
image number 277
image: 278
grave: 879946
John James Morris
image number 278
image: 279
grave: 879947
William Henry Searle
image number 279
image: 280
grave: 879948
Irene Mc Laughlin
image number 280
image: 281
grave: 879949
Dorothy Schubert
image number 281

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