Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 857545Details of grave number 857545 at Gordon Williams Memorial Aberdare for Steven Geoffrey Fernance

Steven Geoffrey Fernance grave monument in Gordon Williams Memorial cemetery, Aberdare, New South Wales, Australia

Steven Geoffrey Fernance grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Steven Geoffrey Fernance

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image: 546
grave: 857535
Valerie Greig
image number 546
image: 547
grave: 857536
Margaret Mary Mc Dermott
image number 547
image: 548
grave: 857537
Lawrence Michael Murphy
image number 548
image: 549
grave: 857538
Norman Vincent Day
image number 549
image: 550
grave: 857539
Thomas Leslie Dorry
image number 550
image: 551
grave: 857540
Ronald John Munro
image number 551
image: 552
grave: 857541
Leslie Douglas Hughes
image number 552
image: 553
grave: 857542
Maria Hosie
image number 553
image: 554
grave: 857543
Harvey B Phillips
image number 554
image: 555
grave: 857544
Liam Gerard Dullaghan
image number 555
image: 556
grave: 857545
Steven Geoffrey Fernance
image number 556
image: 557
grave: 857546
Robert Bradley Young
image number 557
image: 558
grave: 857547
Olivia Grace Brown
image number 558
image: 559
grave: 857548
Cheryl O'leary
image number 559
image: 560
grave: 857549
Dorothy Joan Tolfree
image number 560
image: 561
grave: 857550
Geoffrey Ernest Lee
image number 561
image: 562
grave: 857551
Mary Bouferguene
image number 562
image: 563
grave: 857552
Juanita May Hughes
image number 563
image: 564
grave: 857553
Patricia Marie Travis
image number 564
image: 565
grave: 857554
Sienna Lee Johns
image number 565
image: 566
grave: 857555
Armando Giovanni Mesina
image number 566

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