Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 857394Details of grave number 857394 at Gordon Williams Memorial Aberdare for Monty Joseph Ford

Monty Joseph Ford grave monument in Gordon Williams Memorial cemetery, Aberdare, New South Wales, Australia

Monty Joseph Ford grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Monty Joseph Ford
Bruce Ford
1944631881relationship not known of Monty Joseph Ford
Martha Stephenson
1972781894relationship not known of Monty Joseph Ford

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image: 395
grave: 857384
Gordon James Mylan
image number 395
image: 396
grave: 857385
Albert Mylan
image number 396
image: 397
grave: 857386
Elizabeth Naughton
image number 397
image: 398
grave: 857387
Pauline Mary Wyborn
image number 398
image: 399
grave: 857388
James Luke Naughton
image number 399
image: 400
grave: 857389
Eric R P Darcey
image number 400
image: 401
grave: 857390
Johanna Kerr
image number 401
image: 402
grave: 857391
Albert Frederick Apthorpe
image number 402
image: 403
grave: 857392
Frederick John Apthorpe
image number 403
image: 404
grave: 857393
Cornelius Joseph Ryan
image number 404
image: 405
grave: 857394
Monty Joseph Ford
image number 405
image: 406
grave: 857395
Stephen Sandham
image number 406
image: 407
grave: 857396
Heather Judith Wadley
image number 407
image: 408
grave: 857397
David Mc Ewan
image number 408
image: 409
grave: 857398
F W Glover
image number 409
image: 410
grave: 857399
James William Ridgely
image number 410
image: 411
grave: 857400
J E Ridgely
image number 411
image: 412
grave: 857401
Ernest Thirkell
image number 412
image: 413
grave: 857402
William Patrick Kearney
image number 413
image: 414
grave: 857403
William Thomas Keevers
image number 414
image: 415
grave: 857404
John Teasdale
image number 415

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