Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 857254Details of grave number 857254 at Gordon Williams Memorial Aberdare for Jeanie Ferguson

Jeanie Ferguson grave monument in Gordon Williams Memorial cemetery, Aberdare, New South Wales, Australia

Jeanie Ferguson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Jeanie Ferguson
John Ferguson
1948671881relationship not known of Jeanie Ferguson

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image: 255
grave: 857244
Martha Evangeline Kapcejevs
image number 255
image: 256
grave: 857245
Spencer James
image number 256
image: 257
grave: 857246
Betty Phyllis King
image number 257
image: 258
grave: 857247
David Lamb
image number 258
image: 259
grave: 857248
Albert Leslie Gibson
image number 259
image: 260
grave: 857249
Joyce Snedden
image number 260
image: 261
grave: 857250
Ethel Margaret Rankin
image number 261
image: 262
grave: 857251
Luke Elmore
image number 262
image: 263
grave: 857252
John Skinner
image number 263
image: 264
grave: 857253
William Norman Skinner
image number 264
image: 265
grave: 857254
Jeanie Ferguson
image number 265
image: 266
grave: 857255
Jessie Leishman
image number 266
image: 267
grave: 857256
Gordon Maughan
image number 267
image: 268
grave: 857257
Charles T Hunt
image number 268
image: 269
grave: 857258
Annie Germyn
image number 269
image: 270
grave: 857259
George Trussell
image number 270
image: 271
grave: 857260
Marion Todd
image number 271
image: 272
grave: 857261
William Edmond
image number 272
image: 273
grave: 857262
Ida Lily Bogan
image number 273
image: 274
grave: 857263
John Elliott
image number 274
image: 275
grave: 857264
Joseph John Campbell
image number 275

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