Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 835183Details of grave number 835183 at Balmoral (section 17 east) Brisbane for Rosaria Sorbello

Rosaria Sorbello grave monument in Balmoral (section 17 east) cemetery, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Rosaria Sorbello grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Rosaria Sorbello
Rosario Sorbello
1958701888husband of Rosaria Sorbello

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image: 8995
grave: 835173
Ivo C Mcgregor
image number 8995
image: 8997
grave: 835174
William Joseph Ryan
image number 8997
image: 8999
grave: 835175
Giuseppe Ziliani
image number 8999
image: 9005
grave: 835176
Mario Franzolini
image number 9005
image: 9009
grave: 835177
Peta Anne Stephens
image number 9009
image: 9011
grave: 835178
Charles Dickson
image number 9011
image: 9014
grave: 835179
Veronica A Miller
image number 9014
image: 9016
grave: 835180
Alfred Harold Burt
image number 9016
image: 9021
grave: 835181
Bernard Edward Flaherty
image number 9021
image: 9023
grave: 835182
Alfio Leonardi
image number 9023
image: 9028
grave: 835183
Rosaria Sorbello
image number 9028
image: 9033
grave: 835184
Verena Piccio
image number 9033
image: 9038
grave: 835185
Enrico Carlevaro
image number 9038
image: 9040
grave: 835186
Carmela Basile
image number 9040
image: 9045
grave: 835187
Monica Greer
image number 9045
image: 9045
grave: 835188
Margaret Ann Greer
image number 9045
image: 9047
grave: 835189
Leola Mary Halloran
image number 9047
image: 9049
grave: 835190
Edward Reynolds
image number 9049
image: 9051
grave: 835191
Maria Monica O'connell
image number 9051
image: 9053
grave: 835192
Peter Corbett
image number 9053
image: 9055
grave: 835193
William P Foxlee
image number 9055

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