Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 834537Details of grave number 834537 at Stonefall (area 1) Harrogate for Jonathan Nicholson

Jonathan Nicholson grave monument in Stonefall (area 1) cemetery, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England

Jonathan Nicholson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Jonathan Nicholson
May Nicholson
wife of Jonathan Nicholson

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image: 2648
grave: 834527
Winifred Rhodes
image number 2648
image: 2650
grave: 834528
John William Laycock
image number 2650
image: 2652
grave: 834529
Charles Edwin Rivers
image number 2652
image: 2654
grave: 834530
Sigrid Elisabeth Foster
image number 2654
image: 2660
grave: 834531
Elizabeth Ann Aynsley
image number 2660
image: 2662
grave: 834532
James Coombes
image number 2662
image: 2665
grave: 834533
Jane Littlewood
image number 2665
image: 2668
grave: 834534
Charles Hinchcliffe
image number 2668
image: 2669
grave: 834535
Florence Leng
image number 2669
image: 2671
grave: 834536
Henry Wadsworth
image number 2671
image: 2673
grave: 834537
Jonathan Nicholson
image number 2673
image: 2689
grave: 834538
William Henry Atkinson
image number 2689
image: 2691
grave: 834539
Adolphe Taussig
image number 2691
image: 2693
grave: 834540
John Ralph Needham
image number 2693
image: 2696
grave: 834541
Ann Eliza Holmes
image number 2696
image: 2701
grave: 834542
John Kenn
image number 2701
image: 2705
grave: 834543
Susan Isabel Lindley
image number 2705
image: 2707
grave: 834544
Mary Wrigglesworth
image number 2707
image: 2708
grave: 834545
Annie Maria Cardwell
image number 2708
image: 2709
grave: 834546
Edgar Jewley
image number 2709
image: 2711
grave: 834547
Charlotte Hill
image number 2711

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