Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 832466Details of grave number 832466 at Municipal Chilton for Desmond Dunn

Desmond Dunn grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Chilton, Durham, England

Desmond Dunn grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Desmond Dunn
Hilda Dunn
2012931919wife of Desmond Dunn

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image: 796
grave: 832456
Pearl Gladys Marshall
image number 796
image: 797
grave: 832457
Sydney Thompson
image number 797
image: 798
grave: 832458
Keith Walker
image number 798
image: 799
grave: 832459
Keith Perks
image number 799
image: 800
grave: 832460
Betty Baker
image number 800
image: 801
grave: 832461
John Paul Tracey
image number 801
image: 802
grave: 832462
Ivy Gowling
image number 802
image: 803
grave: 832463
Declan Kade
image number 803
image: 804
grave: 832464
Arthur Grayson
image number 804
image: 805
grave: 832465
Audrey Healey
image number 805
image: 806
grave: 832466
Desmond Dunn
image number 806
image: 807
grave: 832467
John R Robinson
image number 807
image: 808
grave: 832468
John Wayman
image number 808
image: 810
grave: 832469
Verity Woods
image number 810
image: 811
grave: 832470
Kenneth Richardson
image number 811
image: 812
grave: 832471
Margaret J Tindle
image number 812
image: 813
grave: 832472
Margaret Hetherington
image number 813
image: 814
grave: 832473
Mary Wilkinson
image number 814
image: 815
grave: 832474
Dilys Crowther
image number 815
image: 816
grave: 832475
Edwin Liddle
image number 816
image: 817
grave: 832476
Norman Elliott
image number 817

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