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Mollie Elice Keays grave monument in Sunbury cemetery, Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

Mollie Elice Keays grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mollie Elice Keays nee Sutter
22/07/2015 01/09/2017
Dawn Keays
daughter of Mollie Elice Keays
Gwen Keays
daughter of Mollie Elice Keays
Joy Keays
daughter of Mollie Elice Keays
Alfred Keith Keays
25/09/20039109/08/1912husband of Mollie Elice Keays
John Keays
son of Mollie Elice Keays

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grave: 823844
Jeanine Elizabeth Taylor
image number P1020525
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grave: 823845
Lin Bizhen
image number P1020526
image: P1020527
grave: 823846
Kathleen Cherbakof
image number P1020527
image: P1020528
grave: 823847
Baiqing Chen
image number P1020528
image: P1020529
grave: 823848
Debbie Lynne Saul
image number P1020529
image: P1020530
grave: 823849
John Bruce O'meara
image number P1020530
image: P1020531
grave: 823850
Albert George Cheeseman
image number P1020531
image: P1020532
grave: 823851
Mary Helen Hutchinson
image number P1020532
image: P1020533
grave: 823852
Maxwell Graham Gifford
image number P1020533
image: P1020534
grave: 823853
Graeme Leonard Down
image number P1020534
image: P1020535
grave: 823854
Mollie Elice Keays
image number P1020535
image: P1020536
grave: 823855
Betty Ann Mcdonald
image number P1020536
image: P1020537
grave: 823856
Ann Ruby Williamson
image number P1020537
image: P1020538
grave: 823857
Carol Hill
image number P1020538
image: P1020539
grave: 823858
Pauline Frances Hale
image number P1020539
image: P1020540
grave: 823859
Pamela Barbara Kraft
image number P1020540
image: P1020541
grave: 823860
Lynette Marion Martin
image number P1020541
image: P1020542
grave: 823861
Graham Curtis Berry
image number P1020542
image: P1020543
grave: 823862
Angelo Damianos
image number P1020543
image: P1020544
grave: 823863
Duane Cartledge
image number P1020544
image: P1020545
grave: 823864
Janice Mary Canavan
image number P1020545

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