Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 823755Details of grave number 823755 at Sunbury Sunbury for Allan Francis Oswald

Allan Francis Oswald grave monument in Sunbury cemetery, Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

Allan Francis Oswald grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Allan Francis Oswald
Louise Oswald
daughter of Allan Francis Oswald
Bruce Oswald
son of Allan Francis Oswald
Peter Oswald
son of Allan Francis Oswald
Del Oswald
wife of Allan Francis Oswald

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image: P1020424
grave: 823745
Kenneth Percival Davis
image number P1020424
image: P1020425
grave: 823746
Ruby Beryl Oates
image number P1020425
image: P1020426
grave: 823747
R H Mckenner
image number P1020426
image: P1020427
grave: 823748
Mathilda Rovers
image number P1020427
image: P1020428
grave: 823749
Mary Wilson
image number P1020428
image: P1020429
grave: 823750
Dorothy May Ryan
image number P1020429
image: P1020430
grave: 823751
Rose Charlotte Wallis
image number P1020430
image: P1020431
grave: 823752
Fred Rogers
image number P1020431
image: P1020432
grave: 823753
Scott John Taylor
image number P1020432
image: P1020433
grave: 823754
Godfrey A Smart
image number P1020433
image: P1020434
grave: 823755
Allan Francis Oswald
image number P1020434
image: P1020435
grave: 823756
Travis Scott Le Clezio
image number P1020435
image: P1020436
grave: 823757
Otilia Alice Kursinskis
image number P1020436
image: P1020437
grave: 823758
Edgardo Pernes
image number P1020437
image: P1020438
grave: 823759
Desmond Flynn
image number P1020438
image: P1020439
grave: 823760
Agnes Travis
image number P1020439
image: P1020440
grave: 823761
Eric Mcbean
image number P1020440
image: P1020441
grave: 823762
Lorna Jessie Rapsey
image number P1020441
image: P1020442
grave: 823763
Erkki Olavi Vesikko
image number P1020442
image: P1020443
grave: 823764
David Harry Curtis
image number P1020443
image: P1020444
grave: 823765
Scott Michael Tunks
image number P1020444

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