Jane Brankston grave monument in Fryerstown cemetery, Fryerstown, Victoria, Australia

Jane Brankston grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Jane Brankston
26/09/1912 father of Jane Brankston
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image: IMG_2686434
grave: 822239
Alice Letitia Allen
image number IMG_2686434
image: IMG_2686635
grave: 822240
Joseph Allen
image number IMG_2686635
image: IMG_2686636
grave: 822241
Annie Trelfelt Amos
image number IMG_2686636
image: IMG_2686637
grave: 822242
Frederick Anderson
image number IMG_2686637
image: IMG_2686638
grave: 822243
Joseph Atherton
image number IMG_2686638
image: IMG_2686639
grave: 822244
Henry Barnaby
image number IMG_2686639
image: IMG_2686640
grave: 822245
Donald Barrett
image number IMG_2686640
image: IMG_2686641
grave: 822246
William Barrett
image number IMG_2686641
image: IMG_2686642
grave: 822247
Esther Ann Bartlett
image number IMG_2686642
image: IMG_2686643
grave: 822248
Jane Brankston
image number IMG_2686643
image: IMG_2686644
grave: 822249
Rita Mary Brown
image number IMG_2686644
image: IMG_2686645
grave: 822250
Edward William Brown
image number IMG_2686645
image: IMG_2686646
grave: 822251
George James Brown
image number IMG_2686646
image: IMG_2686647
grave: 822252
Phyllis May Brown
image number IMG_2686647
image: IMG_2686648
grave: 822253
William Browning
image number IMG_2686648
image: IMG_2686649
grave: 822254
Rudolph Warner Carter
image number IMG_2686649
image: IMG_2686650
grave: 822255
Evan David Carter
image number IMG_2686650
image: IMG_2686651
grave: 822256
William Chapman
image number IMG_2686651
image: IMG_2686652
grave: 822257
George Chapman
image number IMG_2686652
image: IMG_2686653
grave: 822258
Annie Clifton
image number IMG_2686653

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