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Regina Hatcher grave monument in Malmsbury cemetery, Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia

Regina Hatcher grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Regina Hatcher
Colin James Hatcher
12/05/20138712/12/1926husband of Regina Hatcher
Gladys May Hatcher
second wife of husband of Regina Hatcher

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image: P1010528
grave: 821772
James Russell
image number P1010528
image: P1010529
grave: 821773
Donald Main
image number P1010529
image: P1010530
grave: 821774
George Russell Main
image number P1010530
image: P1010531
grave: 821775
Maud M Keillor
image number P1010531
image: P1010533
grave: 821776
J C Rose
image number P1010533
image: P1010534
grave: 821777
Ethel May Sargeant
image number P1010534
image: P1010535
grave: 821778
Alice Lilly Porter
image number P1010535
image: P1010536
grave: 821779
Rupert Alexander Donaldson
image number P1010536
image: P1010537
grave: 821780
William James Morrow
image number P1010537
image: P1010538
grave: 821781
Gladys May Hatcher
image number P1010538
image: P1010539
grave: 821782
Regina Hatcher
image number P1010539
image: P1010540
grave: 821783
Richard C Andrews
image number P1010540
image: P1010542
grave: 821784
Charles Bingham
image number P1010542
image: P1010543
grave: 821785
Dora May Jones
image number P1010543
image: P1010545
grave: 821786
image number P1010545
image: P1010546
grave: 821787
Hester Eleanor Wallis
image number P1010546
image: P1010547
grave: 821788
Job Beer
image number P1010547
image: P1010549
grave: 821789
Elizabeth Hoopell
image number P1010549
image: P1010550
grave: 821790
George Carter Hallam
image number P1010550
image: P1010553
grave: 821791
Henry Gray
image number P1010553
image: P1010554
grave: 821792
Tom Scoble
image number P1010554

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