Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 815283Details of grave number 815283 at Public Burramine for Henry William Muller

Henry William Muller grave monument in Public cemetery, Burramine, Victoria, Australia

Henry William Muller grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Henry William Muller
Margaret Muller
1912111901daughter of Henry William Muller
Mary Christine Muller
1943561887wife of Henry William Muller

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image: P1000455
grave: 815273
Edward W Adkins
image number P1000455
image: P1000456
grave: 815274
John Sharp
image number P1000456
image: P1000457
grave: 815275
Lola E Sharp
image number P1000457
image: P1000458
grave: 815276
Lois Aileen Fry
image number P1000458
image: P1000459
grave: 815277
Alice Edith Holmes
image number P1000459
image: P1000460
grave: 815278
Bryan Pearce Duffy
image number P1000460
image: P1000461
grave: 815279
Bryan Pearce Duffy
image number P1000461
image: P1000462
grave: 815280
John Pearce Duffy
image number P1000462
image: P1000463
grave: 815281
Mary Jane Price
image number P1000463
image: P1000464
grave: 815282
Betty Woolstenencroft
image number P1000464
image: P1000465
grave: 815283
Henry William Muller
image number P1000465
image: P1000466
grave: 815284
Mary Prescott
image number P1000466
image: P1000467
grave: 815285
Minnie Margaret Walker
image number P1000467
image: P1000468
grave: 815286
Thomas John Walker
image number P1000468
image: P1000469
grave: 815287
George Bruce
image number P1000469
image: P1000470
grave: 815288
John Gordon Bruce
image number P1000470
image: P1000471
grave: 815289
Ann Sharp
image number P1000471
image: P1000472
grave: 815290
Margaret Clark
image number P1000472
image: P1000473
grave: 815291
Christine Ellen Bruce
image number P1000473
image: P1000474
grave: 815292
Gustavus Robert Bruce
image number P1000474
image: P1000475
grave: 815293
Benjamin Warby
image number P1000475

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