Frederick William Arndt grave monument in Crows Nest cemetery, Crows Nest, Queensland, Australia

Frederick William Arndt grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Frederick William Arndt
Margaret Arndt
1931601871relationship not known of Frederick William Arndt
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image: 432
grave: 813250
Eric Victor Lacey
image number 432
image: 433
grave: 813251
Estelle Ann Wrankmore
image number 433
image: 434
grave: 813252
James Ivan Patch
image number 434
image: 435
grave: 813253
Mary Isabelle Ann Smith
image number 435
image: 436
grave: 813254
Raymond W Fuller
image number 436
image: 437
grave: 813255
Esther Louise Marrington
image number 437
image: 438
grave: 813256
Theresa Eileen Lamb
image number 438
image: 439
grave: 813257
William Cronk
image number 439
image: 440
grave: 813258
Henry Bretz
image number 440
image: 441
grave: 813259
Alice Baker
image number 441
image: 442
grave: 813260
Frederick William Arndt
image number 442
image: 443
grave: 813261
Harding King
image number 443
image: 444
grave: 813262
Colin John Smith
image number 444
image: 445
grave: 813263
Sheryl Ann Smith
image number 445
image: 446
grave: 813264
Sarah Tigell
image number 446
image: 447
grave: 813265
William Douglas Tigell
image number 447
image: 448
grave: 813266
Charles Fitch
image number 448
image: 449
grave: 813267
Leslie Gordon Whyte
image number 449
image: 450
grave: 813268
B L Kruger
image number 450
image: 451
grave: 813269
Charles Francis Hill
image number 451
image: 452
grave: 813270
Marjorie Wilhamina Lay (hill)
image number 452

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