Hamish Robertson grave monument in Ford Road , Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

Hamish Robertson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Hamish Robertson
2001721929first name on monument
Jean Mathieson
wife of Hamish Robertson
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image: 16778
grave: 81100
Kathleen Clarke
image number 16778
image: 16779
grave: 81101
Mary G Comrie
image number 16779
image: 16780
grave: 81102
Peter Rimmer
image number 16780
image: 16781
grave: 81103
Nan Johnson
image number 16781
image: 16783
grave: 81104
Katherine Patricia Webster
image number 16783
image: 16784
grave: 81105
Ernie Dunning
image number 16784
image: 16785
grave: 81106
Janet Gow
image number 16785
image: 16787
grave: 81107
Andrew Pryde
image number 16787
image: 16788
grave: 81108
Margaret Henderson
image number 16788
image: 16791
grave: 81109
Leslie E (Les) Dunne
image number 16791
image: 16792
grave: 81110
Hamish Robertson
image number 16792
image: 16794
grave: 81111
Vince Quinn
image number 16794
image: 16795
grave: 81112
Patrick Eamon Comer
image number 16795
image: 16796
grave: 81113
Norah Anne Comer
image number 16796
image: 16798
grave: 81114
Jean McCraw
image number 16798
image: 16799
grave: 81115
Robert Stitt Hill
image number 16799
image: 16800
grave: 81116
Jean M Scrimgeour
image number 16800
image: 16801
grave: 81117
George Allan Hogg
image number 16801
image: 16802
grave: 81118
Andy Weir
image number 16802
image: 16804
grave: 81119
Alex Saunders
image number 16804
image: 16805
grave: 81120
Charles G (Chic) Day
image number 16805

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