Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 806814Details of grave number 806814 at West Norwood Lambeth for Elsie Rose Hovenden

Elsie Rose Hovenden grave monument in West Norwood cemetery, Lambeth, London, England

Elsie Rose Hovenden grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Elsie Rose Hovenden
Henry Edward Hovenden
1951931858father of Elsie Rose Hovenden
Rose Mary Hovenden
1935751860mother of Elsie Rose Hovenden

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image: DSC_1321
grave: 806804
Ada Pelletier
image number DSC_1321
image: DSC_1322
grave: 806805
James Thomas Edsell
image number DSC_1322
image: DSC_1324
grave: 806806
Hilda Mary Mellings
image number DSC_1324
image: DSC_1325
grave: 806807
Thomas Adams
image number DSC_1325
image: DSC_1326
grave: 806808
James Edward Costello
image number DSC_1326
image: DSC_1327
grave: 806809
Sophia Fitzgerald
image number DSC_1327
image: DSC_1328
grave: 806810
Clara Buttfield
image number DSC_1328
image: DSC_1330
grave: 806811
George Albert Marmoy
image number DSC_1330
image: DSC_1331
grave: 806812
Emily Reeve Jones
image number DSC_1331
image: DSC_1333
grave: 806813
William James Clark
image number DSC_1333
image: DSC_1334
grave: 806814
Elsie Rose Hovenden
image number DSC_1334
image: DSC_1336
grave: 806815
John Bedale
image number DSC_1336
image: DSC_1337
grave: 806816
Henrietta C A Alce
image number DSC_1337
image: DSC_1338
grave: 806817
Richard Davenport Coates
image number DSC_1338
image: DSC_1339
grave: 806818
Ann Wheeler
image number DSC_1339
image: DSC_1340
grave: 806819
Henry John Hodgson
image number DSC_1340
image: DSC_1342
grave: 806820
Matilda Ann Webster
image number DSC_1342
image: DSC_1343
grave: 806821
Elsie Alice Paige
image number DSC_1343
image: DSC_1344
grave: 806822
Mary Jane Davis
image number DSC_1344
image: DSC_1345
grave: 806823
Arthur Edward Windus
image number DSC_1345
image: DSC_1346
grave: 806824
Frankie Harvey
image number DSC_1346

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