Mabel S Gill grave monument in Ford Road , Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

Mabel S Gill grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mabel S Gill
1911 first name on monument
Rev James MacMillan
1945 husband of Mabel S Gill
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image: 16152
grave: 80581
Robert Mitchell
image number 16152
image: 16153
grave: 80582
Helen Rutherford
image number 16153
image: 16154
grave: 80583
David G Smart
image number 16154
image: 16155
grave: 80584
Christina Taylor
image number 16155
image: 16156
grave: 80585
Catherine Gillies
image number 16156
image: 16157
grave: 80586
David Kemp Smith
image number 16157
image: 16158
grave: 80587
Thomas Mathieson
image number 16158
image: 16159
grave: 80588
Annie Duncan Gray
image number 16159
image: 16160
grave: 80589
Jessie Ramsay Russell
image number 16160
image: 16161
grave: 80590
Hugh Hall
image number 16161
image: 16162
grave: 80591
Mabel S Gill
image number 16162
image: 16163
grave: 80592
Davidson Murray
image number 16163
image: 16164
grave: 80593
Eithne Ferguson
image number 16164
image: 16166
grave: 80594
Dorothy Forbes Brown
image number 16166
image: 16168
grave: 80595
James Cameron
image number 16168
image: 16173
grave: 80596
John Thompson
image number 16173
image: 16174
grave: 80597
David Miller
image number 16174
image: 16175
grave: 80598
Elizabeth Smith Candlish
image number 16175
image: 16178
grave: 80599
John Young Forbes
image number 16178
image: 16180
grave: 80600
John Roy
image number 16180
image: 16183
grave: 80601
Jessie Duff Duncan/Stewart
image number 16183

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